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December 24, 2012

Digging and dumping :-)

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A proper day of work on the croft at last Smile up early and out doing the rounds before heading to Tarbert to do some quarrying Smile Not like I have been doing for the past twenty odd years with a trailer and shovel but with a two ton digger and six ton dumper Smile It’s no wonder I’ve a bad back really, over the last twenty three years I must have shifted hundreds, if not thousands of tons of rock, gravel, sand and beach stones by hand.

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I even built my own wee extension to ‘Calum’s road’ over the course of a few months


Not quite all by hand like Calum for I used a quad and trailer but it was all loaded and loaded with a shovel Smile And again, unlike Calum I had many helpers along the way, Robert, Ryan, Aiden, the Dude and many more, even so I’ve certainly moved a whole lot of rock in my stay at the ‘north end’.

Anyway, today I was doing it the way it should be done when you’re nearer sixty than fifty.


My only helpers being Molly and Charlie Smile



whom I have to say are a bit of a nightmare as far as labourers go. Charlie just wants to pick up every stone with his mouth and Molly just sits there shivering and looking pathetic.

What I was doing was making some hard standing and extending a road into a field on the croft, though I was too involved to remember to actually take any pictures of my effort Smile Shame really for I was quite pleased with what I’d achieved.


The last time I had a go at this was in November with Hugh MacKay’s six ton dumper  it was full to the brim and


261111 010

I got it stuck Sad smile

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so today I kept the loads to just a couple of tons, for I hadn’t got anyone to rescue me Smile

Today my only hiccup was a flat battery or bad connection, I’m not sure which,



after stopping for lunch to give her a drink of fuel and a good greasing she wouldn’t start Sad smile


However wifey’s Nissan came to the rescue and I managed another couple of loads before darkness fell.

That was about it really, doesn’t sound like much but I’ve not stopped all day and it flew by, well it would really with only seven hours of daylight.


christmas eve weather

I know it says 8:17 hours of daylight on the weather station but it’s lying Smile

christmas eve graph

Gosh it’s not even 20:30 and I’ve eaten, bathed and blogged, well it’s time to relax in front of the ‘one eyed monster’ with the family, something that I rarely do, but it’s Christmas eve after all.

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