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December 23, 2012

Aching all over :-)

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Since my departure to southern climes in September the old back has been pretty good on the whole, the week in Holland had me almost forgetting all of my aches and pains. Well they came back big style this evening after just two days of light duty on the croft, the thing is, I don’t think it’s the work so much as the damp and humidity of the west coast. Methinks I should be living in the land of my father and his fathers Smile



The border of Liguria and Tuscany would, I’m sure be far better for my aches and pains, I think this west coast dampness just draws the heat and life out of my body Smile  Not that I’d even consider moving from here, nope the next time I move will be in a wooden box, well that is unless wifey ships me off to a care home Smile

Seriously though, it’s just great to be back amongst the mud, pigs, hens and mess of the croft, even if wifey wasn’t there for the first couple of days. The weather has been not too bad today really and I was awake much earlier than usual to make the most of the three extra seconds of daylight Smile 



Even though it was still dark Ellie’s eight little beauties were out charging about like a shoal of fish, all moving together as one. Knowing that their curiosity would get the better of them I sat down on a rock and waited.



Sure enough after a couple of minutes they came to investigate and I gave them a handful of weaner pellets, they really are a very quiet and well behaved litter.

After feeding everyone and eating the egg that I’d found on the ground outside the hen shed for breakfast I went up to the new barn to do some more preparation work on the floor prior to sealing it with PVA. I also fitted a two gang socket below the fuse box as I’d removed the original one some months ago when I shifted everything into the new generator shed. It was one of those jobs that I’d forgot that I’d not done, that was until last night when I realized I didn’t actually have any sockets whatsoever in either the barn or genny shed Sad smile 


Well, I do now, so can even plug in a hand lamp to see in the dark, not only that but now my builder, Lachie Gillies can plug his tools in Smile

Q-Sat or ‘Questionable-Sat’ ? certainly not ‘Quality-Sat’

Regular readers will remember my shenanigans with and how I was without internet for a month or so. Well I went over to use my mates and his too died, but because I wasn’t the ‘account holder’ they couldn’t fix it. Anyway an engineer sorted me out eventually and then my mate tried to get one to sort his, the engineer couldn’t go and fix his after doing mine because the fault hadn’t been reported by the account holder Sad smile Now my mates house is even more remote than mine and he told Q-Sat this, several times, he told them that arrangements would have to be made to ‘quad’ the engineer and his gear in, so could he please speak to the engineer. Not a chance said Q-Sat giving him exactly the same pish that they gave me “we don’t have the engineers phone number and have no way of contacting him” !!!!! How on earth can you send an engineer to fix a fault without having a contact number ???? Total oblox, yet that is exactly what they told me too. So my mate (several times) told them to tell the engineer to phone him as arrangements had been made to take him in. My mate never heard a cheep until the very day that the man was supposed to be on Raasay to fix his satellite broadband system. The engineer then phones him and says he can’t do it because he thought it was in Kyle !!!!! Of course they now cannot possibly get a man out until after the New Year, for a fault that I reported before I went to Holland over three weeks ago. Though of course because I’m not the account it doesn’t count Sad smile 

Anyway as my mate was hoping to do some work I went over to see if tweaking his dish would help, after first using a hand bearing compass on my dish to find out where it was pointing. Funnily enough there did appear to be a 5 degree variation between his and mine.




So after carefully marking the original position with a centre punch I moved it 5 degrees to the west, which only made things worse, I can only assume my corrugated iron roof was affecting the compass and after a few attempts we gave up. My mate and I had a satellite broadband contract for three or more years with with hardly any issues, since we were both forcibly migrated to in October the service has been diabolical Sad smile

Giving up on that, and with my son finally out of bed I turned my attention repairing the road up to our house.



A job that was made much easier by using my mates digger Smile



and of course my son Smile


This we did until light faded and animals needed fed, after which the dark closed around us and we called it a day, spending the next hour franticly tidying the house and putting up Christmas decorations before wife and MiL arrived off the 16:30 ferry.

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