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December 15, 2012

I need to get home :-(

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Being able to walk down to the Co op for a bottle of red at 18:00 then listen to a two hour long set by Ritchie Hawtin, Dubfire, Magda and Locodice on a fibre optic link that does not ‘drop out’ may be just peachy.


Being able to get fresh rolls and newspapers every morning without a 22 mile drive may ‘float your boat’ but give me a muddy field full of pigs on Raasay any day Smile Not that I read newspapers or would dream of using a gallon of diesel to collect bread when we can make it but you get the picture.

It has all just been a little overwhelming of late as I seem to have crammed 25 years of what most readers would call ‘normality’ into just 3 months and have not spent more than three nights in a row with my family since the 20th of September. Seriously, since I migrated to wild and remote west coast the longest that I’ve spent in ‘civilization’ was a month in the US around 1996, though that was hardly what you’d call ‘normal’, four weeks amongst ‘red necks’ in Colorado and Utah Smile Much as I loved the people and the place it’s no wonder they seem to have taken up school shootings as a national pastime they’ve been doing it since 1764 Sad smile . The place is awash with guns, there are more gun shops in the states than petrol stations, now I’ve got a pretty large arsenal myself but I’ve got to have police checks, doctors notes and signed statements from ‘sane’ people every five years to maintain it. My stuff has to be locked away in a steel cabinet when not in use and bolted to a part of the house that cannot be moved. If I go to buy ammunition then I must take my firearm certificate and can only buy a certain amount. When I was in the good old USA I went into a Colorado supermarket and filled a shopping trolley with ammunition, I kid you not, the stuff was not even behind the counter it was in the aisles between the washing up liquid and cereal Sad smile Of course there was a sign on the end of the aisle saying “HAND GUN AMMUNITION WILL NOT BE SOLD TO MINORSSmile You have to laugh really, it’s ok to buy rifle ammo in Colorado if you’re 16 but not .44 Magnum stuff. For all I know this very store that I visited could have been the same one the Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris bought their bullets in Sad smile

You may well ask what I was doing with a shopping trolley full of 7.62mm for an AK47, 9mm for an automatic pistol, .44 Magnum for a revolver and thousands of .22LR but that’s quite normal in the west apparently, certainly it never raised an eyelid at the checkout when I paid for it with a Scottish credit card. The truth is I was going to stay in a friends cabin for the weekend near Leadville,_Colorado and was wanting to contribute to the expenses Smile What really made me laugh was when a neighbour turned up, now you have to take this in context, it’s February and we truly are in the ‘middle of nowhere’ . If you think Arnish is remote then my mates cabin in the hills above Leadville is on a different planet Smile 

After arriving there in his ‘off grid’ paradise we starts the ritual unloading of the trunk full of guns and trying them out on various tree stumps adorned with pictures of Saddam Hussein, which was quite strange, for Saddam had recently been given  ‘the keys’ to the city of Detroit for his support of the local armoured vehicles trade Sad smile  Obviously Fox news had neglected to mention this when they encouraged people to boycott French wine because the French wanted nothing to do with waging war on the former ally.

Anyway, up turns this dude in his forties asking us  (very politely) if we could point our hardware a little more to the west as the bullets were landing near his cabin some miles away. Can’t be us says my host, sure is says he, I’d know the sound of an AK47 anywhere Smile I was in Naam and have had an awful lot of AK47’s pointed in my direction Smile 

Anyway, that’s all bye the bye, and I’m still in Barrhead 200 miles from home so that I can go and see our new ferry being launched on Monday. Much as I love wife, child and home I can’t wait to see our new ferry, the MV Hallaig being launched at Ferguson’s on Monday.


Hallaig hull


This will be a photo that I lifted from Argyll and Bute MSP’s Michael Russell’s website showing the underneath of the MV Hallaig a few days ago, the VSP in place and the wooden keel blocks greased ready for launch.


I know, I know, it’s a pretty lame effort but I’ve just polished off a bottle of wine Sad smile

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