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December 10, 2012

Half past three in the morning :-(

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Well, I suppose it’s only two thirty am at Arnish but I’m now on CET or something eight floors up in the centre of a city.


It has been a very long day and I’m sat here plonking away on here, full of a cold when I should be sleeping Sad smile

No fault of the delightful hotel we’re ensconced in no sir the Inntel hotel is first class and the view breath taking.


I say breath taking because I’m having panic attacks at being in the middle of it, and I thought South Shields was a ‘different planet’ Smile

To be honest I don’t think I’d have got here had I been on my own, it was bad enough navigating myself from the ‘drop off point’ at Glasgow airport to terminal M, let alone traversing the 50 or 60k to Rotterdam from Schiphol. Luckily I’m the dimmest of the ‘seven dwarfs’ allocated to this course  and just followed the more intelligent and ‘switched on’ members of the team.

An epic trip

I must look shifty, I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve been asked for drugs at festivals or gigs and you can guarantee that I’ll set off a metal detector even in stocking feet. The last time I was at Glasgow was 1996 and it took me two hours to clear customs, probably on account of my steel toe cap boots, Swiss army penknife, Zippo, tobacco tin and Leatherman tool in my pockets and 50 round ‘banana clip’ in my hand luggage Smile

Ruger 10/22 Magazine 50 Round Banana Clip from Ramline

Try doing that now and you’d be in jail, anyway after a few phone calls to the police station in Portree they let me back into Scotland without the ‘latex glove’ treatment Smile  Of course even I realize the world has changed since then so left my knife at home and removed all the nuts, washers and bits of carp from my many pockets in Arnish. Even so it was through the metal detector three times and a good search with the wand before they let me through on account of the metal press  studs in my shirt Sad smile The rest of the team looking on in amusement and making ‘latex glove’ gestures Smile



Anyway, some two hours later we were off and I spent the next hour glued to the window,


as we flew over the Borders, across country to just north of the Humber and then over the Wash before crossing the North Sea. Sadly I was on the sunny side of the plane but even so it was pretty exciting stuff, you probably realize I do not fly very often Smile



That will be the N302 road across the Markermeer as we approached Schiphol.


After that it all went a little ‘tits up’ as they say, for there was no taxi to meet us, fortunately we had a phone number for the driver, who promptly informed us ‘I no work Sunday’ Smile Now, had I been on my own, at this point I would have gone to pieces so fast, that folk nearby would have been hit by the shrapnel Smile (quote from Arthur Dent, or was it Ford Prefect, anyway it out of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’) After phoning just about everyone we could think of, most of whom were ‘unavailable’ we, ( I say we generically as I just  panicked quietly to myself and did nothing ) caught a very fast and smooth train to Rotterdam. That was of course after we very nearly got on one heading to Gdansk or somewhere Smile Once out of the station in Rotterdam we very luckily came straight upon what looked to me like the only seven seater taxi in rank of about one hundred Mercs and Toyota estates.


I have to say that I’m very impressed with the Inntel Rotterdam Smile



Well I was impressed when I finally managed to get in my room with the electronic card thing, I was even more impressed when I saw the miniature bottle bottle of red wine on the writing desk. Not so chuffed after I’d drunk it and seen the price right enough Smile So that’s it, we arrived at 18:30 and after dinner I went to my bed only to awake at 3:00am whereupon I spent the next hour plonking away on here drinking Earl Grey tea with Lockettes dissolved in the cup for my cold Smile Actually it’s not bad, but I really need to find a supermarket to get some whisky and honey Smile

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