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December 8, 2012

Farewell to the mountains :-(

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I’m sure that Holland is an interesting place, steeped as it is in maritime history, after all it is where the VOC came from Wiki reckons that the ‘Dutch East India Company’ or VOC was the the first truly ‘mega corporation’ or ‘multinational’ but personally I reckon that was the church Smile Either way the Dutch like ourselves are a true nation of seafarers and I should be glad to be going there on a freebie from my employer, but I’ve scarcely spent more than a couple of days with ‘wife child and dog’ all at the same time since September so I’m not ‘enthused’. Especially since I had to get a passport specially and have difficulty catching a bus, let alone an aeroplane Smile 

Anyway, after a sleepless night of sneezing, coughing and wheezing that seemed to improve around three AM as the whisky took effect I got up at seven AM and had a bath. After which I spent a could few hours in a flap packing my bag and generally getting worked up about the whole ‘foreign trip’. I fed the pigs, collected eggs, turned off one of the hydro turbines and tried to ascertain if I could take a pressurised container of shaving cream on a flight and all before breakfast.


Ellie had made her first trip out of the arc in a couple of days and all her piglets were thriving, Jamie Lea was much the same and managed to get through the night without squashing any Smile



With all the animals sorted, eggs collected and breakfast eaten I turned my attention to the ‘Old Girl’, filling her with water and oil before heading for the 12:15 from Raasay.


The weather was carp and I began my 200 mile trip in rain and mist Sad smile


However it improved slightly on the mainland once past Balmacara



and I stopped above Loch Loyne



to take some medicine


and ‘phone home’.  I dunno if this bizarre collection of stones above Loch Loyne has anything to do with the mysterious death of Willie MacRae  in 1985 but it’s in the general area. A staunch nationalist and controversial figure Willie was found dead in his Volvo by two Australian tourists some hours after his murder/suicide, with about as many conspiracy theories as the killing of JFK we’ll probably never know. However it certainly makes interesting reading, if not just for the incompetence Smile you really could not make this stuff up Smile Gay, alcoholic, MI5, UKEA, and a hundred other theories it makes fascinating reading, but now it’s after 22:30 and I’ve got to go to bed Smile 

Meanwhile back at Hallaig Smile

But before I go and ‘hot off the press’

Hallaig painted


the MV Hallaig, our new hybrid ferry almost ready for launch on the 17th Smile

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