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November 26, 2012

Just like old times :-(

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I must be nuts, I’m parked in a layby ten miles from home with the wind buffeting the Land Rover and the rain lashing my rear end, well the landy’s at any rate. The lovely weather promised stayed on the mainland and never made it to the north end of Raasay, just as well really for I was stuck inside most of the day waiting for people to phone me, why do people NEVER phone back, or at least wait until you’ve popped out in desperation and never leave a message. Or worst still like Vigsyl leave one in Polish, or at least that’s what it sounded like, and the phone number was unintelligible. Probably just what the people who’s wrong number I dialled thought of me Smile Unintelligible or nuts anyway, so after the third combination of the coded number left on my answerphone I gave up, and waited once more for the phone to ring Sad smile This will be the satellite ISP who now goes by the name of Q-Sat and are based in Ireland.

Anyway the long and the short of it is that I’m still without internet and will need a visit from an engineer Sad smile So that could be a while to say the least, hope he’s not coming from Dublin Sad smile Still the long wait in, had me candling and packing the eggs in small batches rather than doing them all at once. 


It had me preparing my books for the accountant before he phoned me, something even more unusual than getting my VAT return in on time Smile He’s going to think  January  has arrived early when I plonk them on his desk on Friday, hope he doesn’t phone before then, that would spoil it Smile



The wind and rain certainly kept the house warm, this will be the Proven charge controller indicating 42amps at 58v or just short of its maximum of 2.5Kw


I didn’t really do much outside  today other than prepare my very useful CLH trailer for taking the Tamworth’s away. This versatile trailer has to be one of the best things I’ve ever bought for the croft. Open sided for loading sand or gravel, large enough to take a quad,


put the sides on and you can pile wood in it,


and of course put the roof on to carry livestock Smile

Much of what I did today required the sending of emails so with no hope of my own connection being fixed, something I didn’t find out until well after 18:00 I headed to my mates at Torran only to discover his link had also gone down Sad smile Hence I’m stuck in this passing place near the Youth Hostel, as it’s the closest to home I can get a 3G signal. This reminds me of when I first moved here 23 years ago and had to drive ten miles to use the payphone Smile I really am well and truly stuffed without the internet, loads of house related stuff, money, solicitors, pig movements and of course the old blog just ground to a halt Sad smile I even tried watching the TV but gave up after about twenty minutes and drove down here. OK, some of the stuff I had to do was quite crucial, but how sad is that Smile

However despite my feet being toasty thanks to the Eberspacher diesel heater warming them I’m kind of scrunched up and not very comfy so I’m gonna call it a day and head home.

weather 261112

So after apologizing once more for not replying to all your lovely comments I’ll leave you with the weather

 graph 261112

which just keeps getting worse Sad smile



According to XCWeather – Forecast for IV40 8PF (Postal Code) this is what’s in store but I’ll believe that when I see it, for it should have been like this today by their reckoning.

Netless :-(

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First of all sorry for the lack of replies to all your comments and thanks peeps but South Arnish is still minus it’s satellite link and the chances are this will be posted on the hoof tomorrow. The satellite link at Torran is still functioning but I’m certainly not that desperate as to trek over there to do my surfing. Not that was an option really for wifey went off on the 16:00 ferry to be with her family leaving, me with a duck to roast and a teenager to get ready for school tomorrow, it’s 21:30 now and I’ve just sat down Smile What’s more I feel thinner and sorer on account of the first proper work I’ve done in nine weeks Smile It is so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD to be home, even though the swineherd was only here overnight Sad smile 

Still, it’s been another peach of a day and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, not much in the way of sun right enough but dry and mild without a breath of wind.


Feeding the pigs their breakfast for the first time in months I spotted one of our fine Soay rams whom I’d given up for dead last winter.


His two ‘followers’ keeping a discreet distance away in the woods, considering these were once tame and would feed out of your hand they’ve certainly ‘gone native’ now. The ewe on the right is ancient but her lamb was born early on this year and would make a nice Christmas treat if I could catch her. The tup too would be a fine sire to add fresh blood to anyone’s herd should they have a dog capable of bringing him in. It would take a very quick and clever dog right enough for these sheep, bred for the barren rock of St Kilda are more akin to goats than sheep Smile



Next job was a quad ride over to Torran to out hydro, solar and diesel generators, water supply, batteries and of course to make sure their satellite link was working Smile 


The batteries were fizzing away nicely so I drained them a little by uploading my blog Smile The voltage is not usually so high but once a month the ‘Morning Star’ TS45 PWM charge controller does an ‘EQ’ or ‘equalization charge’ whereupon it raises the ‘cut off’ point for end of charge to de sulphate the plates and equalize the voltage on the individual cells.


It’s a far nicer view from this ‘office’ than my own Smile


As is usual, and despite not answering half of my emails properly it all took far longer than expected


with a certain ‘wee dug’ getting very bored with the lack of action.


038  039

Checking that all was well down at the shore I headed home for my lunch and my sons breakfast Smile



Next it was an ‘egg hunt’



as we suspected a hen was ‘laying out’,



sure enough in the bonfire that was never lit I found a nest Smile Being doubly happy as these would be for our own consumption as some of them could be a week old. How I missed a decent egg in South Shields Sad smile

After a spell of clearing out my workshop due to eight weeks of the boy messing it, I sharpened my saw and went cutting wood.


Not a great deal, for daylight was fading and I didn’t want to overdo it,



the red rocks of Torran indicating a low winter sun that would soon be below the horizon.


I just fed the pigs then took down half a dozen small trees that had grown since the Proven turbine went up in 2005.



They’d be no more than a bush then but would now keep the home fire burning for a few days at least Smile


So now at 6:50am on a calm Monday morning,

weather 261112

still almost two hours to sunrise,


graph 261112

but it’s about time I got the Dude out of bed Smile

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