Life at the end of the road

November 20, 2012

It’s over :-)

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Just before 20:00 and I’m ‘scrumpied’ Smile


I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t resist, sixty days away from home and it’s almost over. I know lots of people work far longer away from their loved ones and cope admirably but I don’t. It took me thirty or so years to find my little corner of paradise and a further twelve to find someone to share it with and I don’t like leaving her. A few days here and there in the summer at Rockness, Belladrum  or the Wickerman  is about as much of the ‘real world’ as I can cope with and more than two months in South Shields almost 400 miles from home is not my idea of fun.



Fantastic, there are 22 excellent ‘takeaways’ on Ocean road and a Morrison’s supermarket that actually sells stuff you need and like, bravo there’s a Tesco Metro open until 22:00 every night just a couple of hundred yards from ‘the village,’ but after the first week the novelty wears off as the pounds start to pile on and the wallet empties Sad smile Give me life in the sticks any day, a couple of hours mucking out pigs and cutting wood beats the carp out of ‘normality’ any day Smile I’ve got ‘office boy’ hands and a ‘beer belly’ despite doing exercises every morning and walking at least four miles a day Sad smile



I don’t think my hands have been so clean since I left the womb Smile

Anyway, with a bit of luck it will all be over with tomorrow, if I learn how to deal with ‘suspicious packages’ and Somali pirates soon enough I may well be heading north tomorrow Smile Smile Smile 



Before long my tiny prison cell could be replaced by the corrugated heaven of Smile


and I’ll see my ‘teenager’ for the first time in ages. He’ll be two inches taller, speak several octaves lower and probably not know who I am but ‘what the frack’ Smile

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