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October 17, 2012

Swinging at anchor

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Five thirty and all’s well Smile Can’t get back to sleep so I thought I’d get up and plonk away on here for a while before college. When I say ‘can’t sleep’ that’s hardly surprising really as I’ve been in bed since 19:50 so I’ve certainly pushed out plenty of zeds. Finishing college around 16:00 leaves me a little bit at a lost end these days.

I’ve done all the near at hand walks possible, all the places worth visiting close at four or five and I don’t won’t to go down the road of a pint or two before dinner. Knowing me it would lead to another, then another, then a headache Sad smile Consequently I tucked up early last night with ‘Intolerable Cruelty’  which can only be described as ‘intolerably dull’. The quote below is from the Wikipedia entry,

Intolerable Cruelty is the Coens’ first project based on someone else’s idea

stick to what you do best chaps, that was carp.

The shipping news


Anchored outside the harbour last night, and still there this morning were three large ships, this being the Maltese registered Pietro Bendetti a 9000t cargo ship with a heavy lift capability, the kind of ship you often see delivering wind turbines


This one the Hong Kong registered Darya Tara a 38000 ton bulk carrier that has just come from New Orleans with something.



Even larger at 40,000t is the Mosel another bulker that has just arrived from the US, this one from Houston.

swinging at anchor

They’re all still there awaiting the tide or pilot or a berth, swinging at anchor and lit up like Christmas trees, wish I could take a picture but they’re a couple of miles off shore and its dark Sad smile

Not shown on here is the fishing vessel Bountiful BF79 which just steamed out around an hour ago, presumably to the fishing grounds.

That’s about it really, I had a wee wander into the toon after college



picked up a couple of salmon fillets reduced to £1.55!!!!!, baked them in the oven then ate them with boiled spuds and a salad,


  watched the car carrier ‘City of Amsterdam’ steam past ‘The Village clock’ as the sun went down


Skye sky

but the sky wasn’t a patch on Raasay’s around the same time 370 miles away Sad smile, cheers George for sharing Smile

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