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September 16, 2012

Flat on my back, again :-(

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I thought it was fixed, a pain free month and three weeks off the Tramadol had lulled me into a false sense of security, I even had visions of me doing some ‘dry stone walling’, but that all went severely pear shaped yesterday Sad smile The acute pain in my right buttock that shoots down my leg came back last Sunday as I got out of the Land Rover, but I put it down to a glitch, reluctantly took a couple of Tramadol and was fine for the next few days. I was even fine driving to Glasgow and back, in fact I was just fine until yesterday afternoon when I was pottering about with the old Thompson Glenelg, not actually doing anything physical but just tinkering about with the wiring. The constant bending, rising and twisting as I wired up the caravan seemed to go for the back ‘big style’ and four Tramadol later I was still in agony.

This morning it became quickly apparent that I’d not be doing very much, after feeding the pigs and clearing my tools away from yesterday I was once more flat on my back staring at the kitchen ceiling Sad smile Ten minutes later I felt OK, but as soon as I started to move about it returned so I spent pretty much the whole of a mainly beautiful day inside, either admiring my roof beams or watching YouTube videos about sciatica relief Sad smile






Here’s a couple of ceps that I found yesterday



This is from my brief encounter with the outside world at 7:00pm when I went to feed the pigs and check the hydro turbine at the Schoolhouse.



Here’s a perfect little amanita muscara  or fly agaric if you prefer, amongst the heather of the Torran path.



009  010

Slightly past their best but a real surprise, two chanterelles in our garden Smile



How I can be tired after spending most of the day in the house doing nothing is beyond me, but I am, so here’s the weather, I’m off to bed Sad smile

weather 160912


graph 160912

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