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September 15, 2012

Poor wee dog :-(

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Today’s priority was to get Molly to the vet as her ‘rear nearside wheel’ (left hind foot) was in need of attention. The ‘wee dug’ had been keeping weight off it since before I went away and would not let anyone go near it but yesterday it seemed to be much worse. In retrospect it probably wasn’t, it’s just that I’d spent the whole day with her out and about so noticed it more. The best I could do was to get a look at it whilst holding her close to me on her back, though the leg was shaking so much I could barely focus on the sore pad.

Anyway, after speaking to our vet Rhona in Portree we got an appointment for 10:00am 


and headed off.

Located in Lisigarry place just off Dunvegan road Molly knows it well and starts trembling on the threshold and will not cross it Sad smile Every time the wee dug visits Rhona it involves a jag and Molly doesn’t like needles.

Here she is almost exactly three years ago having her first one on the car park at Sconser and she’s never gotten over it Smile



Eventually the vet managed to inject her and we retired to the Land Rover for ten minutes for the drug to take effect,



after which it was ascertained that Molly had just lost a good part of one of her pads and it was very tender.



Some cream, a bandage, antibiotics and a jag to bring her round was all that was needed and we left about twenty minutes later with a very ‘chilled’ dog.



Returning on the 11:30 ferry with 3/4 of a ton of feed in the back and a load of shopping.



The park at Oscaig was busy getting a haircut, the driver himself not actually having any Smile


Or at least not a great deal in the middle Smile



It was a pretty fresh day with half a gale of south wind blowing onto the beach at Brochel


and I spent the rest of the day wiring up the old Thompson Glenelg with a 230v ring main and battery charger for the ‘back up’.


It’s an old dud battery off the Loch Striven with a dicky cell but I’ve used up all my good ones for the generators at home. I normally have a ‘deep cycle’ Exide Maxxima in here but I’ve left that for starting Cyril as I don’t want wifey trying to hand start anything whilst I’m away. This is just to run some 12v lights and a 350w Victron inverter when I’m not hooked up to the mains, which should be a novelty, my 1972 caravan was all gas until recently and I’ve never been anywhere with an electrical ‘hook up’.


I know, some period 1970’s flush fitting ‘Bakelite’ ones would have been better but it’s all I had.

I’d just about finished when my good mate Bill Cowie next door phoned “have you seen any kayakers” said he. There was a couple planning to paddle to Rona from Brochel and he was becoming a tad concerned, especially when I informed him that it was a pure 5hit of day at Brochel (see picture above).

So, just before my chicken and mushroom dinner the Dude and I went out to look for the intrepid (foolhardy) kayakers.


graph 150912

Just check out the wind speeds from when the must have arrived (around 16:00)


weather 150912

Fortunately the wind had gone more westerly so by the time we’d got there it was pretty flat and the car with it’s roof rack was parked out of the way on Calum’s road.


Anyway the Dude and I made the most of the unscheduled drive by searching in vain not only for canoeists but also rabbits Smile






I reported back to my mate Bill that their car was here and they were gone, whereupon he went searching for them on Rona.

I just spoke to him now (23:00) and discovered that they’d phoned him as he was speaking to the Stornoway coastguard to report them missing so all is peachy Smile

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