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September 7, 2012

Ten pm target :-)

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You wouldn’t believe judging by the photographs but it’s actually been a bonny bonny day, a bit damp to start with but after the initial half hearted attempt at rain it brightened up nicely.


A ‘rainball’ Smile starting the days pictures off as it hung over Braes on Skye whilst Molly and I cruised southwards to work.



Though by the time I’d got there it was already well underway



our ‘fourth man’ putting the regulars to shame with his enthusiastic brush work Smile


Skretting’s MV Valborg steamed north through the Raasay Narrows just prior to our 7:55 departure.



Today’s culinary delight was dealt up by the ‘man from Gourock’, a fishy pasta number with prawns, toms, basil, garlic, chilli and a white wine sauce. I can’t give you the recipe because he made the sauce secretly last night so as not to bring the wine on the ship Smile



A little painting was done, a lot of traffic moved and we finished off the scallops by frying them up with chorizo and serving them with garlic bread and a salad.


weather 070912

Anyway, it’s almost 21:50 now and I’m determined to get to bed before 22:00 so goodnight Smile


graph 070912

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