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September 6, 2012

Chocolate chilli, zucchini, scallops and bacon :-)

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Proper weather we’ve had today Smile the kind of stuff that we were once used to but has been a little seldom of late.

weather 050912

OK, not very exciting right this minute with a mere 6.9mph but it wasn’t like that earlier, and even now the batteries are bubbling away nicely from all the wind and rain. I know because I’ve just been out to shut the hens in and had a look Smile

graph 050912

Gusts of almost 50mph around midday, hardly extreme but the most we’ve seen since spring, perhaps even last winter, and there was a good deal of rain to accompany it.

This morning however when I arose at 5:45 it was just plain windy, so after quickly getting dressed I went out to deal with the hens



being seriously chuffed to find an undamaged and un crapped on egg in one of the houses. This will be from the vacant hen that insists on laying her egg from a great height, same place and always early, but usually either broken, covered in hen pooh or both, not this morning though Smile The extra sawdust I’d put down had saved it Smile


All bar one of the hens had raced out for breakfast at the sound of me filling the feeders, this one having that ‘glaikit’ look of one that’s gone ‘broody’


Twas a pretty scabby and miserable day on the ferry



with vehicles getting lashed down



and gale force winds.

Just the right sort of day for some serious cooking Smile

Zucchini frittata

Now I got the hankering for this dish on Tuesday at my parents house whilst eying up some of the fine courgettes (zucchini) that my mum had grown, basically it’s just an omelette and can be made with spinach or even nettles. However after chancing across this

    Zucchini and Pancetta Pancakes

on a food blog by a recent ‘follower’ called Marisa from California I decided upon my own variation, a sort of combination of the two.


The ‘man from Gourock’ making a simple red onion and tomato salad to accompany it and me getting on with the zucchini



choosing mums option of slicing and salting beforehand for twenty minutes rather than Marisa’s strips then cooking and floating off the water



you would just not believe how much water comes out of these, most of which I soaked up with a cloth. However after quartering them I wrapped them up in another cloth and let them drain even more, though I’m not sure if that’s really necessary.



Hot olive oil with lots of garlic next, then once cooked they were removed and placed in a dish.  The ‘man from Gourock’ had previously fried off some smoky bacon chopped into little squares and chorizo laced with paprika, though by now he’d abandoned me and gone for a sleep Sad smile


Parmesan cheese was then grated into a bowl and a good handful of fresh basil chopped as my mate snored on.



Next step was to crack five eggs into a pan and whisk like mad, adding  the cheese as I did so, once that was nice and ‘fluffy’ the courgettes, bacon, basil and chorizo was added.



The dish was then cooked on the hob and finished off under the grill, with the excess oil being floated off into the same frying pan that had cooked the bacon and chorizo earlier.


After a spell in the wheelhouse, and with the ‘frittata’ nicely cooled we set about the scallops and streaky bacon that would accompany it.#


The bacon well cooked and crispy with the fresh clams thrown in for just a few seconds to sear and soak up the flavours from the previous contents of the pan.



What can I say, demolished in minutes with just groans of ecstasy Smile

Better late than never

I know, I know, I’m rubbish, I promised you the chilli and chocolate recipe and all your getting is a quick précis but it’s 23:15 now and I’m whacked Sad smile

Large glugs of olive oil in pan, fry off onion, and garlic, add black pepper then mince, then chopped toms and lots of passatta   or tomato puree, me I also put in a little ‘Marigold stock’. If your in a hurry use cayenne pepper, if not chop up some dried or fresh chilli’s, it all depends on how you like your chilli Smile A tin or two of kidney beans, drained but not washed then the magic ingredient of around one tablespoon of cocoa powder will turn this into a dish that will ensure you never ever make a chilli without it Smile

Here’s how to make an ‘industrial’ version

261110 017


suppose I’ll not be making it this year Sad smile as I’ll be in South Shields.



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