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September 1, 2012

Frog’s away :-)

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Well at least I thought he was, but more of that later. The first day of autumn certainly arrived with a bang, the first thing that struck me was the gloom. I don’t have a clock in the bedroom, I don’t generally need one and use my phone as an alarm only when I’m working. To be honest I don’t really need to but I’d never sleep for worrying about getting up so take it for peace of mind. This morning I awoke in the half light of dawn bright and fresh, did a mental calculation and reckoned 5:00am. Great thought I, I’ve got past the Tramadol ‘cold turkey’ and can get on with something before diving into the chores. No such luck, I arrived in the kitchen to discover it was in fact an hour later Sad smile I also forgot to mention that I’d found a full box yesterday and thought ‘no way’, I was sick of feeling tired, stinking, not drinking coffee after 7:00am and worst of all not drinking, or at least feeling like carp after just one glass of wine Sad smile

Still, it was dry and breezy so I thought I’d let the girls out early, they’ve been roosting earlier but I’ve been finding one or two broken eggs on the floor of the house of late. My logic being that if I let them out sooner the early layers will make it to the nest boxes, sure enough it seemed to work and no sooner had I cleaned out the nest boxes than one of girls came back in to use it Smile My joy was further increased by a full bath,


the drought is over Smile ‘my bath runneth over’ and the frog had at last escaped. This bath is my early warning device, for the cold tap, which is permanently open is connected to the overflow from our water supply. This means I can tell at a glance if the tanks are full without trekking up the hill and it’s not been running for weeks. The frog living inside it being ( I presume ) unable to escape due to the smooth sides, still it seemed quite happy enough so I let it be when I dipped in daily to fill up the hens water containers. So I got the emptiest of their three, cleaned it and filled it then got on with the morning jobs whilst the boy slept.


Bins had to be moved and pigs fed in the fresh autumn morning that looked like it was about to go downhill Sad smile Still, I got everything done apart from breakfast, which we took with us and off we went, to the metropolis.

Portree was calling Sad smile we needed pig feed, hen feed, fuel, shopping and this was the only day it was going to happen.


So at 8:05 we headed south down Calum’s road for the 8:55 ferry and on to Harbro for feed and the Co op for food, no drink of course because you can’t buy that before 11:00am to stop all the binge drinkers and winos Smile

From Portree it was onto Dunvegan and the ‘Highland Ordnance Company’ for ammunition and a couple of shoulder straps for my Hatsan semi auto and the Dude’s BSA Hornet.


Ben’s store is more of a museum than shop at first sight but he’s a wealth of knowledge, information and very helpful on all matters ‘huntin, shootin and fishin’ Smile

We managed to make the 13:00 ferry back to Raasay despite a duff alternator on the Land Rover that manifested itself with a loud screech as the fan started to rub on the casing Sad smile some 12 miles from Sconser. Still we got home in one piece and after unloading the shopping in what was now pishing rain and gale force winds I got on with some work.


Just as the weather really started to blow


and pour down.



At last though the hydro was producing



only about 1.5amps to start with



but after a couple more hours of rain it was up to almost ten times that, a good 700 watts Smile The first time since April, I really do need to get more solar panels if this is going to be the pattern of the weather.


The pigs, or at least four of them seemed to have moved into my neighbours shed by the turbine tank, the three Tamworths came charging out when they heard me but Jamie Lea stayed put, she obviously knew it wasn’t feeding time and was not going to waste energy looking Smile 



A trip up to the new house site revealed much broken rock, that’s the soil in a pile, probably the best in Arnish,



the pile of broken rock is however much larger than the soil Smile

Next job was to deal with the chooks and their eggs,



quite a few of them can fly over the fence anyway but we let them all out for a few hours in the afternoon and boy do they love it.


014  016

Just a selection of the 26 presents they left us today Smile


and the missing frog, which was actually inside one of the drinkers when I pulled it apart to clean it!!!!



it must have swum in whilst I was filling it up yesterday Smile Must have been quite scary with all those hens around it Smile


Finally the Land Rover

Eventually after doing all that and making a start on the second lot of washing, cleaning the filter in the machine and preparing dinner I made a start on the Old Girl’s alternator.



Choosing to do it here rather than dirty my new shed, that digger up there was making it rather muddy and I’m trying to keep the floor clean prior to sealing it. Not only that but my tools, bench and vice are still here.



and boy did I need them.





  1. Be interested to know how you intend to seal your new shed floor as I have a similar duty coming up. Also the tale of the alternator is of interest as I run a 90 200 tdi.
    Well done keep up the good work.

    Comment by Duncan — September 2, 2012 @ 12:06 pm

    • Good morning and welcome Duncan, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to use PVA on the shed floor as I’ve got 10lts of the stuff. I did much reading about it and think I’ll go down the route of 1 coat at 25% and 0ne at 33% or 50% Not sure as I’m still speaking to other people who’ve done it on their sheds. The alternator should be identical to yours by the way.

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — September 3, 2012 @ 5:23 am

  2. Sorry this is a bit of a non-sequiter, but I just thought I’d add it to the end of the most recent post.

    Argos’s Ebay outlet has a Hozelock “Flood Pump” for £30, including delivery to the furthest reaches of the Kingdom :). Any use to you?
    “This Hozelock Flood Pump and 15m Tricoflat Hose is a submersible and self priming flood pump. With the ability to pump 6000L per hour, it can pick up dirty water with small particles of up to 30mm. It also has a built-in switch to automatically activate or deactivate to prevent from running dry.

    Comment by San — September 2, 2012 @ 5:12 pm

    • Oops: non-sequitur.

      Comment by San — September 2, 2012 @ 5:14 pm

    • Cheers San, would have been of use to me Ma + Pa last year right enough, they bought one similar and it was much dearer than that. Me I have one similar plus a petrol one.

      Cheers, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — September 3, 2012 @ 5:20 am

  3. Looks like I got off the island at the right time, now that the rain has come! I went in to Sainsbury’s down here in the sowf (Reading) yesterday, to replenish my cupboard after 5 weeks away, and guess what I found …….some salmon fillets ‘responsibly sourced in the Sound of Raasay’ ….. needless to say I bought some. Probably from the fish farm that I could see from the YH.

    Comment by francesp — September 2, 2012 @ 6:55 pm

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