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July 13, 2012

Rather queasy :-(

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I dunno what it was that I contracted yesterday on the way home but whatever it was it must have been aggressive for I’ve a stomach like a septic tank. It’s 5:45am now on Friday and I’m feeling almost normal but last night I went to bed straight from work with a ‘sick bowl’ at the side of the bed 😦 What’s more I can’t think what caused it, the off sausages left me by the other crew I’d eaten the day before without any effect, the off soup they also left I spat out before swallowing and that was in the morning anyway.

Whatever it was it started on the way home around Holoman, had me feeling very vague, sick and my jaw trembling 😦 I can’t even blame the Tramadol because I’ve not had any of those either, unless of course it’s ‘cold turkey’ 🙂 Anyway I awoke at 22:00 had a bath to remove the cold sweat and went back to bed feeling much better. Today I was up at 5:30 feeling almost 100%. I say almost because I’m not actually hungry and the two cold lamb and mint burgers that were to be last nights dinner do not look very appealing. Normally I wake up hungry and would have eaten at least one before even getting dressed 🙂

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The first job on Wednesday morning once I was back at work was removing the rust streaks left by a week of salt spray from the north wind that had kept us cool yet dry whilst the rest of Britain was having rain 🙂 This I did with a product called Scalex who’s main ingredient is phosphoric acid. It’s so corrosive that we’re not alowed to use it in the engine room for fear of it eating through the steel plating and you have to wear goggles whilst using it, yet it’s also one of the main ingredients in Coke Cola 🙂 No wonder some people use it for cleaning coins and certain US police forces use it to remove blood from the highway 🙂 If it’s that corrosive just think what it does to your teeth 🙂

 130712 004

After a quiet start to the week, Wednesday was a riot 🙂

130712 005

A large water bowser arriving to fill up Raasay House’s new ‘fire water storage tank’ and some concrete to set it in place. Though at 45,000lts it would go very far 🙂

130712 006

Wednesday was also the day that we took on board the 3,500lts of ‘marine gas oil’ that would see us through the week

However it’s now 6:20 on Friday the 13th and I have to go so just in case anyone has forgotten it’s the Inverarish street party today at 15:00 and the forecast is good 🙂 It’s going to be a great day to celebrate 100 years of the little mining hamlet that is now Raasay’s capitol city 🙂

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