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June 20, 2012

Weaning and trenching

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Boringly good weather yet again here at the north end and I’ve been ‘taking it easy’, honest, I’ve had a really laid back kind of day and totally enjoyed it 🙂 Probably the fact that I’m back at work tomorrow night so didn’t start on any major projects helped. The ‘in laws’ probably had a hand in it too with all the food, wine, rum and treats they brought yesterday, whatever the reason I’ve thrived on it. For a start I had a little lie in bed, nothing severe, 7:30, but it was bliss, having woken at 2:30 sweating, dying for a leak and aching all over. A pee, two Tramadol  and switching off the oil stove sorted that out, so when I finally got up I felt great 🙂 Not the usual aches and pains or headache 🙂

So before my second cup of coffee I was out feeding the pigs and weaning the piglets, both lots. Jamie Lea’s six being led out with the bucket into a small field just by the veg patch.

 200612 006

Whilst Bramble’s three ‘chunks’ were led into the field where they’d come from after I’d moved JL out of it, all very complicated but it’s just the way the fields are 🙂

My main task for the day being to re lay my wind turbine cable to ‘Cyril’s shed’ where I’d put the batteries and inverter. This is a task I’ve been putting off for months as the cable is an SWA 70mm square affair that is about as flexible as a length of scaffolding tube and around the same weight 😦 This cable which cost thousands seven years ago would probably need a second mortgage to purchase it at today’s price. Currently this cable terminates in the old stable on the common grazing, so with the house and wind turbine being on the market I thought I’d better move it 🙂

Fortunately, in 2007 when I’d laid this cable I did so inside some 90mm MDPE pipe prior to burying it so it was a reasonably easy task to remove it. All I had to do was disconnect the end in the old stable,

200612 004

cut a chunk out of the 90mm ducting, spray the cable end with WD40 and pull very hard 🙂

200612 015

Now all I have to do is dig it in, lengthen it, joint it, move the charge controller, and all will be peachy 🙂

In between all that I did some clearing up about the place, our last lot of potential buyers having been ‘put off’ by the ‘proximity of people’. This I took to mean something along the lines of ‘feck me, I don’t want to live next door to this nutcase with his mess, wacky trousers, dogs and kids’ 🙂 Probably it wasn’t a bad thing anyway but two hyperactive boys, two mental dugs and a mountain of carp around the croft didn’t help 🙂 So I set about moving a mountain of steel, telegraph poles and ‘treasure’ before our next viewing on Tuesday  🙂 Some people just have no imagination 🙂

200612 002

Like this bit of ‘rubbish’ that I moved and hid, to most folk it’d just a bit of wood and crap but to me it’s a little bit of history and far too precious for a bonfire. For this is a bit of ‘double diagonal’ boat construction that I picked up off the shore many years ago. Probably from an MTB, fast rescue launch or some other military vessel, it will be mahogany, teak, or some such hardwood  and was much favoured by the admiralty and RAF as a means of construction for its lightness and strength.  

With my small piece of ‘times past’ hidden in the long grass along with all the old mooring buoys, crab keeps, scallop bags and hydro electric pole bits I went to help the ‘hen lady’,

200612 007

who was having problems with a broody hen.



200612 008


However I carefully removed her and had a wee chat with her and all was well 🙂

With that sorted I turned my attention to the barn where Bramble’s wains were living and gave it a good clean 🙂


200612 014

Finding this fresh swallows nest as I did.


  1. Never ceases to amaze me how prospective buyers expect everything to be in showroom condition with nothing but a fully landscaped garden with no bits and bobs around or near the building! Its a working croft, get over it and use your imagination! Our back garden is a lot smaller than your land but it has kids toys, gas bottles, caravan spares, and two sheds cramed fool of all the carp we, ok I, have put in there in case I need it one day! Yep its a problem Paul but hopefully a like minded person will see the potential and grab this little bargain! After all you are not going to leave your valuable collection for them!
    Other than that it looks like a relaxing, by your standards, day and a welcome break before returning to the ferry!
    By the way, introduced a few more viewers to your great blog over the last two days, mainly due to the Dolphins but I have had some great comments about your Blog and hopefully the word will spread even more!
    Re our Thomson, its getting there, internal walls all repaired, most of the rails are back on with new sealant and weather permitting we hope to get the front window back in either tomorrow or Friday! still leaves a few things to do but these can all be done in the dry inside the van, afraid our weather forecast is not so good for the weekend,, Typical as it is the annual Gala day on Saturday!
    Keep up the great work
    All the best

    Comment by Thomson Caravans — June 20, 2012 @ 11:36 pm

    • Morning Graham,

      yup ,definitely no imagination 🙂 Though when you did arrive at ours you were greeted with a mountain of steel, wood and brightly coloured buoys and they do say ‘first impressions count’. To be honest I think it was the old hippy in his wacky shorts, the two barking terriers jumping up on his clean trousers and the screaming kids that did it. Seriously would you want to live next door to someone like that 🙂 Hope it stops raining for the gala, peach of a day here 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — June 23, 2012 @ 8:51 am

  2. Paul, I hope your Tuesday viewers aren’t reading the blog cos otherwise they’ll know where the skeletons are buried !

    Comment by cazinatutu — June 21, 2012 @ 7:07 am

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