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May 30, 2012

Not a single bite :-)

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Tuesday already, one week of the ‘jollies’ away and I’m as high as a kite 🙂 The usual mad rush before a return to work being absent has left me in a particularly good mood, especially as the forecast is for more of the same 🙂

And that’s as far as I got last night before falling asleep on the keyboard, OK not actually asleep but ordered to my bed by wifey.

It had not been a particularly long or arduous day but I’d stayed up late on Monday night and only ended up with five hours sleep before getting up. Not through choice I might add but through the two ‘wee darlings’ that we have staying with us at the moment bouncing off the walls at just after 6:00am 😦

Anyway, darling wife would have to deal with our charges today for I was off to the mainland to visit my parents, cut some grass and go for a march with my dad 🙂 Although it wasn’t the blazing sunshine of late it was still warm and dry but I didn’t even make it as far as Dornie before having to stop for a ‘wee sleep’ 🙂


290512 001


After forty minutes or so we set off (‘we’ being Molly and I) taking the old road over ‘Carr Brae’ for a change. This steep pass between Dornie and Inverinate was once the main road and a challenge for many an old bus or truck I’m sure.

 290512 002


Only adding a few minutes onto anyone’s journey it’s well worth the slight detour to check out the spectacular views up Loch Alsh and Loch Duich.

290512 003

290512 005


Midge hell

Eventually I did arrive at my parents, and after another wee rest did a few jobs about the place before going for a walk with my 83 year old father. I say walk but it’s more of a march for he’s as ‘fit as a butchers dog’ and I struggle to keep up with him.

290512 007

Out on our hike we came across this holy and hawthorn tree that had been gripped in an embrace for decades with no detriment to either 🙂

  290512 010


Walking through the forest above Ratagan we took a short cut through the ‘Fireater’s’ riding stables above Loch Duich.

290512 011

An ex fisherman, Dave now runs a successful riding school, pony trekking and carriage hire business from near his home in this spectacular bit of Scotland.




290512 012

Not far from the stables the rustic smell of horse was replaced by an assault of vanilla from these tremendous gorse and broom bushes a little further down the lane.

After our little perambulation through the woods I set about repairing my mums washing line under the trees.

290512 014

A task that would have been impossible were it not for the Smidge 

Whilst the ‘wee devils’ were annoying and getting stuck up my nostrils as clouds of them hovered around me, I suffered not one single bite. My mum and dad had both been driven inside by the blighters but I was just fine :-) 

290512 017


The stuck Land Rover will have to wait until tomorrow cos it’s 23:00 and I need my bed 🙂

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