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May 26, 2012

We’re ALL worn out :-)

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Another topper of a day here at the north end with many more to come by the looks of it 🙂 You know, we can have months of cr4p thrown at us in the long dark winters and some times there’s days in July and August that aren’t much better, warmer, lighter for longer but just as wet and windy. The major difference between a carp August day and a carp December day (apart from the temperature of the rain and length of day) being the dreaded

Scottish midge 🙂

However a couple of days like this in May and all that 5h1te is well and truly forgotten, why would you want to be anywhere else 🙂 I’m on holiday, I’ve not had to drive, queue, fly or wait anywhere and it’s like being in paradise 🙂 Even the midge has taken a holiday on account of the heat and of course the ‘Smidge’ 🙂

Unlike yesterday I was up at the ‘crack of dawn’ today and out for a good walk with Charlie and Molly whilst the rest of the house slept. A lack of wine and the acquiring of two ‘hyperactive’ wee boys ensuring a clear head 🙂

260512 001

The two ‘wee darlings’ are on a little break here at the ‘end of the road’ and are very keen to help, so we cleaned out the pigs and cut fresh bedding before going for yet another walk 🙂

That done, and after spending a couple of hours showing some potential buyers around the house  and estate I got on with some concreting.

260512 006

This is going to be the base for an 8’ x 12’ generator and battery shed at the back of the barn, it’s location here meaning that we’re unlikely to be disturbed by it, should it ever be required. Though after checking back through a years date from the ‘Stream Engine’ , projected data from an 1850w solar array and 1kw wind turbine it looks like ‘Mr Lister’ will be redundant once the new house is up 🙂


260512 007

It was a bit hot for mixing and pouring concrete but I started late and was counting on the barn putting it in shade as the job progressed.

260512 009

Sure enough it did, and by 20:45 I had a good thick base laid for Harry and his new house 🙂

130211 029   130211 032

Though I really must fix that oil leak 😦

That was about it really, I know it doesn’t sound like a great deal but I finished the day with a great sense of achievement, two worn out ‘wee dugs’

 260512 012


260512 014

and two worn out ‘wee boys’, all I need to do now is see if I can ‘keep it up’ 🙂

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