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May 24, 2012

All shuttered up :-)

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That’s it, 22:40 and I’m just in after shutting the hens in for the night for wifey, I did try earlier but they seemed to be in ‘party mode’ and did not want to go in. A bit like me really, for it was well after 21:00 when Molly, Charlie and I finally came in. Charlie being one of Molly’s pups that we’re looking after for a week or two.

240512 021

Aint he cute 🙂 all we have to do is keep him away from the hens and he’ll be just fine.

The day got off to a cracking start and just kept getting better

240512 001

and by 8:00am it was too warm for the overalls so after cleaning out the pigs I ditched them and got on with some more bedding cutting.

240512 004

Then I took a bag of seaweed to the hens who wasted no time in scratching their way through it for all the ‘jumpers’.

Next job was to go and check the hydro pipe for leaks etc on the quad but when I got to it the Honda was pouring fuel out of the carburettor over flow.

 240512 006

Removal of the carb revealed it to be full of crud

 240512 008

but, even hovering all this out and a big dollop sat on the float

240512 009

failed to cure it.

240512 010

So in desperation I cleaned up the valve seat with a twist drill, I know ‘rough as a bears ar5e’ , wrong angle and all that, but living on islands a hundred miles from anywhere as turned me into an ace bodger 🙂 Any port in a storm they say, well it worked just fine (eventually) so off we went.

240512 011

Stopping for a wee rest on the way, the ‘pit stop’ of choice being ‘Finlay’s rest’, a little overhang at the base of a cliff at the top of a steep climb out of Tarbert. Apparently some dude called Finlay, or was it Hector used to have a wee snooze here. Easy to see why as it’s very comfortable and in the lee of the prevailing winds.


Map picture


It’s just in the middle of that map where those shadows are.


240512 014


240512 017


240512 020

These are just a few of the fine views around Loch Arnish today but I can hardly even keep my eyes open.

So here’s a rare treat for you,


four dolphins off Raasay today, caught on camera by Fiona Gillies,


why on earth would you go anywhere else 🙂


Treated like cattle at airports with delays and security check when this is on your doorstep, I just don’t see the point 🙂

240512 023

And whilst that was happening at the south end, we had a coastguard display at the north end 🙂


Though I was way to busy shuttering up the base of a new generator shed to pay much heed 😉

240512 028

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