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May 23, 2012

A great start :-)

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Summer is most definitely here at last, we had a good dry spell in April but there was no heat with it, today has been a roaster 🙂 Back to the T shirt and sandals without even my trademark overalls for most of the gorgeous day.

It got off to a shaky start right enough, that box of wine we bought in Portree yesterday taking a severe hammering. I only wanted to get a bottle but wifey managed to sneak a box in whilst I wasn’t looking. Fortunately I’m loaded with Tramadol right now so alcohol is out of the question 🙂

Day one

Lying in bed until 7:50 I left wifey to feed everyone whilst I nursed the sore head I’d tried to fix with Paracetomol a couple of hours later. Swearing I’d never drink again I finally got up and wifey put some life into me in the form of a poached Arnish egg. Unlike most people I usually awake hungry if hung over, actually I wake up looking for something to eat most mornings 🙂 In fact I’m permanently famished and really do need to eat every couple of hours, by rights I should be about 20 stone but I’ve been around 11 for years.

Anyway, feeling a little guilty at having let wifey do all the morning chores before she headed to work I got on with some ‘chook work’.

 230512 004  230512 005

A couple of ‘Houdini’s had been escaping over the gate so I put some bars on the sides to see if that would stop them.

 230512 003

Of course I just had to have a look at the egg situation 🙂

230512 041

And I must confess at putting them all in one box to take a picture of all SEVEN 🙂

230512 042

After that Molly and I went down to Tarbert to retrieve a piece of driftwood before the kayakers burnt it 🙂 Regular readers may get the impression I’ve a problem with these people, well I don’t 🙂 OK, I’ve rescued loads, they’ve burnt one of my telegraph poles, they clog up the car park at Sconser and bare their ar5es for the locals but I’ve done the same myself 😦 Not as a canoeist but as a diver, yup, been rescued, bared my ar5e and probably done worse than burn driftwood. It’s only now that I realize what a plonker I was back then, but if you spend all your life doing a 5h1tty job in the city for five weeks holiday a year, you are going to do your sport whatever the weather 🙂

230512 009

This old bit of wooden salmon cage will make a fine bench up at the new house 🙂

Whilst down there we had a good look around the old sheep fank and dipper there.

230512 006

Just check out the stonework on that wall by the dipper, it’s built over a small burn, the water of which could be diverted to fill the trough at the other side.

230512 018

A plugged steel pipe in the bottom allowing it to be drained once the dip had been finished with.

230512 016

The stone and tin shelter being much as it was when last used some twenty five years ago

230512 012

when corned beef was obviously the lunchtime snack of choice 🙂

230512 013

There were even some old ear tags marked S.A. which I suppose is South Arnish,

230512 014

a couple of old shearing stools, a stirrup pump and something for elephants 🙂

230512 011

The boating season is here

With three weeks ahead of me and a planned trip to see Bill on Rona 


for some special birthday presents, I thought I’d better sort my mates boat.

230512 036

The indestructible ‘Pioner Maxi’ has been suffering a recurring problem of the steering seizing up when not used for a few weeks. Some years ago I fitted a new ‘Morse’ cable and it wasn’t much better so today I dug out the old cable and made up a device to fill it with thin oil using an old yoghurt pot and an electrical cable gland. A hole was drilled in the pot to take the gland then the cable poked through it and the gland tightened up. Once sealed I filled the pot with a mixture of oil and diesel and kept working the cable too and fro and round and round until the lubrication was throughout the cable.

   230512 038

Removing the old cable and cleaning out the pivot tube prior to fitting the new (old) one 🙂

230512 039 230512 040

A file then a piece of rope with a rag in it worked as one would a rifle and ‘pull through’ and the ‘worm wheel’ given a good coat of grease.

230512 037 230512 029

All  of this done whilst I left the Lister ST2 7Kw generator running a few hundred yards away at . The solar hydro system there works so well that the generator seldom runs so it’s good to give it a couple of hours use every few months to keep its batteries charged up. My Trace SW4548e has an ‘exercise start’ facility that you can set to run the generator at up to 90 day intervals to do the same, though I’ve never actually used it.

That done and with slick steering we went back home for food and to cut the grass

 230512 035

at our beautiful house that is still for sale 🙂

230512 046

Then I went up the mast to replace the rubber band on the wind turbine 🙂

230512 045

You can see Lewis and Harris from up there

230512 047

but it’s a long way up and I’m getting too old for this 5h1t 🙂

Bedding and fences

A reluctant but necessary spell on the phone to window people and the VAT man was also achieved prior to a risotto then a wee sleep 🙂 Just an hours lie down after dinner but it left me fit and fresh for the ‘evening shift’ of feeding

 230512 048

fence repairs and cutting rushes. Can you believe that a fully grown sow burst that fence which is only seven years old!!!


230512 050 230512 034

A good pile of bedding filled the trailer just in time for the sun going down,

230512 026

what can I say 🙂

230512 033

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