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May 19, 2012

Two yolks!!!!!! :-)

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At last a change in the weather, some heat at last, not exactly hot or even very warm but at least in double figures and I’ve not felt the need to wear gloves all day. I could tell as soon as I poked my nose out of the door this morning to hear the cuckoo calling with a little more enthusiasm, or at least not muted by a blast of cold east wind. With a little warmth, even at 6:30 there seemed to be more mayflower in bloom and the bracken was an inch or two higher. The engine of ‘mother nature’ that had stalled of late seemed to have coughed back into life so I suppose I’ll be getting eaten by midges whilst cutting the lawn next. The cold snap that brought growth to halt finally seems to be over.

So with a spring in my step, the ‘wee dug’ at my side I trundled south with my trailer and blue  recycling bin of my neighbours. It being a good excuse to get some treats for wifey’s hens in the form of grit and seaweed.

  190512 003

And boy do they deserve it, for the very first egg that was laid by the ‘Arnish Egg’ company’s chickens was a double yolker 🙂 I kid you not, it must be a sign 🙂 Anyway with that small but delicious and highly significant egg inside me I went up the wheelhouse roof to soak up the, well just to be up there and not freeze really.

190512 004

I’ve been trying to paint the mast and radar stand for weeks now but the weather has been so cold that the paint has been like treacle. It’s also pretty restrictive wearing a safety harness over a coat 😦

190512 005

A beautiful lunch break had Molly and I going along to Suisnish to collect seaweed for the hens to scratch about in and grit to help them digest and firm up the shells.

190512 009

The seaweed itself is good for the hens and gives the yolks a golden glow but it’s also full of little ‘jumpers’ shrimp like things that they love to eat.

190512 011

The grit that I got was not the best having rather a higher content of sand and not enough broken shell in it but I was in a hurry so it will have to do for now 🙂

190512 012

Not too much of a rush though to stop and admire this stonework 🙂


190512 013

But just enough time to call into the Raasay Stores for two of Linda’s excellent homemade pasties that kept me going right through until sundown.


190512 014

It’s easy to see why they’re called the ‘Red Cuilins’ 🙂

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