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May 13, 2012

Today I’m sick of it :-)

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Well yesterday I was after bottling it but today I’m sick of the sight of it 🙂 Water that is, a complete change in the weather today kept me in bed until almost 9:00am. It was forecast right enough and I had been rushing around yesterday like a man possessed trying to get all the dry jobs done before the deluge. So when I opened my eyes this morning in the half light of four thirty and saw the wee Rutland wind turbine going berserk I turned over and went back to sleep.

At this point it was still dry but my next stirring a couple of hours later revealed rain drops on the windows. Now when we get water on any of our windows it’s very stormy indeed. With walls over three feet thick, windows set back accordingly into deep recesses and an extremely sheltered location it’s rare occasion when we actually hear the ‘patter of tiny drops’.  Sunday the thirteenth of May was such a day, the swallows that arrived yesterday from a dry and balmy North Africa must have been well miffed 🙂 Me I just stayed in bed and listened to it.

It was probably well after 10:00am when I actually got dressed and ventured forth to have a look at the chooks.

130512 001

It would be their first proper storm and I wanted to see how they were taking it, unlike the pigs who had to be dragged out of their shelters to be fed the hens were ‘loving it’. Or at least unperturbed by it all and certainly not taking refuge in their coops.

That’s just over two weeks we’ve had them and a few of them are starting to develop brighter combs, a sign that eggs aren’t far away. I wish they’d hurry up as we forgot to buy any on Friday 🙂

A day in the shed

Eventually summoning up the enthusiasm to go out I headed up to the new shed to get on with getting power up there.

130512 002

It’s only a temporary solution whilst we build the house but it should provide us with an adequate supply for that and the caravan until we get a new system up and running.


130512 003

The large door to the shed may not have been positioned for the best access but today was the perfect day for seeing why I put it there. This south westerly that was raging all day is the one we get the most of and for the whole day I pottered about inside with the double doors wide open without any wind or water entering the shed 🙂 It’s the same orientation as our house door will be, north east, so sheltered from all the main and wet winds. The water was cascading off the hills, running down the road and travelling sideways through the air but the wee dog and I stayed dry in the big shed 🙂

130512 007

Not just sideways but uphill too 🙂

130512 010

To be honest I spent more time driving up and down in the Land Rover for tools than actually working but by the end of the day I’d got as much done as I could hope for.

130512 016

Main armoured cable to the generator shed at ‘number 3’ connected up with consumer unit and RCD. Also the SMA ‘Windy Boy GTI’ mounted with AC and DC disconnects almost done.

130512 018

I should get that finished tomorrow and with a bit of luck we’ll have power up there until we get something permanent sorted.

130512 005

The early evening saw a little improvement, not in the wind but certainly in the rain which turned more showery. Not that you’d believe it from that picture of Ard Torran but I did manage to wander up the hill to inspect yesterdays handiwork.


  130512 011

I was most pleased to see around 800 to 1000lts of fresh, clean and lovely water in our newly installed tank over 24 hours, more than adequate for a family of four, even if three of them were women 🙂 With 3600lts in this tank plus whatever is in the ‘slow sand filter’ I reckon we’re sorted on the water front. Today’s downpour may have swelled the burns but it made no difference whatsoever to the amount of water flowing into the tank form its tiny spring.

Power at last

This wild weather has certainly put some life into the batteries with the washing machine going all day and the tumble drier still on. Even with roast potatoes for dinner and ‘intensive stains’ programs on the washing machine the battery voltage is hovering around 56v

 130512 019130512 020

and that’s with a 1600w heater on in the porch!!!

There was a little snag around 19:00 when I went to feed the pigs right enough

130512 012

a large clod of earth having blocked the hydro turbine intake 😦

130512 013

A large clod of earth moved by a pig no doubt, but it was soon removed and the old Stream Engine was once more belting out 800w 🙂

130512 015

A quick trip down to the shore ensuring that all was well 40m below the header tank.

And that was about it really, I managed to find my weather station for the first time in months so here’s the results.

weather 130512


graph 130512

And now I’m off to bed 🙂

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