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May 10, 2012

Water and power :-)

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Well almost 🙂 there is water now running down to the site and there is electricity running up to it but we’ve still much to do. You will notice the ‘we’ because much of it is burying pipe, cable, and of course hauling around a ton of sand and gravel up to the tank. I think two tons was a little ambitious 🙂 even for my team, funnily enough I’ve not seen the ‘Three Amigos’ for a while, perhaps they’ve got sick of work on the croft 😦

Anyway I’d a great nights sleep but refused point blank to get out of bed until 6:00am as it was almost midnight when I turned in. I was desperate to get back on with connecting up my services but felt I should make an effort to try and get some rest. We’d both been out working until 21:00 and I know from experience that I can’t keep it up 🙂 So when my body arose at 4:00am wanting to start moving water tanks I told it where to go.

At 6:00am on the dot I was out of bed like a shot, and very shortly afterwards cleaning my water tank and getting it ready for taking up to the site.

 100512 005

The power washer not only cleaning it but giving my dubious repairs on the bottom a good testing. Not that I’m rubbish at repairing fibre glass but the Isopon P40 I’d used was twenty years old 😦 Still I’m figuring that if it holds until it’s in position and full then it will sink into the peat and seal itself anyway 🙂

100512 003

That’s where it’s got to go right to the top of that gully, and that’s as near as I could get it on the quad 😦

100512 007

It was actually easier than I expected, just rolling it end over end, taking care to ease down and always checking for rocks before resting it on the base.

This is only going to be the tank that filters the water so it’ll only be half full of water, the rest of it being taken up by rocks and sand. Still it was very important to get it as high up the hill as possible as I don’t want to loose any ‘head’. Directly out of the well I’ve a touch under 2.4bar which is only slightly better than enough pressure to run my thermal store. Being ‘off grid’ I really do not want to be using a pump.

100512 006

So to get the tank as high as possible I cut the temporary water pipe that I’d installed a couple of years ago and dragged it back up the hill. As the other end was still in the well I just pulled it up until no more than a drip was coming out of the end.

Then finding a nice flattish spot I levelled it with a few turfs of peat and connected up still using my temporary pipes.

100512 008 

The yellow one from the well is gas pipe, it may be identical in dimension to water pipe but the yellow lets sunlight through and the pipe fills with growth over time DO NOT USE for water 🙂 The blue pipe, all 200m of it is the right stuff but has been used for pumping diesel so is only fit for mixing concrete and testing the pressure and flow. Once the new pipes are in I’ll still leave the ‘oily’ one in place but on the overflow. I do this with my present system so can tell at a glance if the supply has dried up or frozen 🙂

The next job was to go and check eBay to see if I’d won the water tank I’d been bidding on.


The gods must have been in a good mood today for at 15:25 I became the proud owner of a 3600lt water tank and what’s more it’s on Skye and not in Southampton or Sussex 🙂 Less than half price, exactly what I wanted, exactly when I wanted it, and I’m going to Skye tomorrow anyway, the stars really must have been all lined up today 🙂

After that I started connecting up the armoured cable I jointed yesterday and made progress on getting a temporary power supply to the barn. The cable and all the hardware is permanent, it’s the supply that’s not, that will be going with the house when it’s sold. The trusty Trace SW4548e, 900ah 48v battery bank and Proven 2.5Kw will be going with as will Cyril.

310811 040

Though the ex standby set from Winchester police station with only 50 hours on the clock is now well and truly bolted down in his very own shed.

  141108 008

150409 019

Apart from helping the ‘hen lady’ make another nest box that was it really,

100512 010

though it was herself that did all the work,

100512 011

I just modified it slightly 🙂

So that’s it, I’ll just leave you with some excellent photos taken by some other CalMac employees.


An absolute cracker of Skrettings MV Valborg spoiling the view from Raasay house 🙂

DSC_0075 (800x532)

Those pesky boats that all turn up at the same time 🙂

DSC_0080 (800x532)

My place of work heading for Sconser with me on it for the last time this week 🙂

030512 051

And a ‘barn warming present’ that was much more use than a bottle of wine and does not give you headache 🙂

Cheers Sean

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