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April 30, 2012

And it’s not even May :-)

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Well that’s it, ‘phase one’ of the grand plan is finished, the shed is up and Lachie and Angus have left 🙂 Hopefully we’ll being seeing them in June for the start of ‘phase two’, the house !! Of course I’d have a few less grey hairs if somebody actually bought our current little shack  🙂

300412 021

Unashamed plug there, but you’ve got to admit it takes a fine picture and that’s at after 21:00, that’s the kind of day it’s been, gorgeous 🙂

The day started, as it has done quite a lot recently, with sunshine and the wife getting up before me, I think today was the third time in a row, which has only ever been equalled when I’ve had the ‘man flu’ 🙂 I just wish I could beat her up then I could catch her going to check the chooks in her pyjamas. That would be a photograph indeed but one that would probably end in divorce 😦

My first task was of course feeding the herd, who for some reason decided to follow me up to the house site after we’d had breakfast.

 300412 001

It’s funny because they’ve not done this since Hooky was up here last year building the road and clearing the shed site. Today however they insisted on having a good grub about the building site before Bracken first, then Toots climbed into the converted Balmoral oil tank for a snooze. Not a great deal of room in there for a sow and six month old gilt but when the heavily pregnant Jamie Lea joined them I was flabbergasted.  Jamie is about the size of a small car right now but after a little rearranging they all settled down nicely with just the occasional grunt and squeak throughout the day.

Lucky them though I as I rushed about manically trying to get the fence finished before going back to work tomorrow. I also perused over the fact that the tank is in just about the same spot as our sons bedroom will be in the new house 🙂

  131011 015


130312 005 (Medium)

Or perhaps it’s the bathroom 🙂 either way the pigs obviously appreciate a good spot 🙂

It’s finished 🙂

Whilst I was stretching and straining wire, mixing and pouring concrete Lachie and Angus were putting the finishing touches to the barn. This Robinsons shed is a seriously well built piece of kit, .7mm sheeting rather than the normal .5 or .6mm and heavy galvanized H beams instead of high tensile Z beams. There nothing like weight to keep things in place on the west coast of Scotland 🙂


300412 003

The last thing to go up being the obligatory ‘I’ll sue your ar5e off prevention sign’ to remind any halfwit casually walking on my roof that it’s dangerous 😦

300412 005

That was it, two years exactly since we got ‘prior notification’ we got our beautiful shed and Lachie and Angus headed home for Staffin. Which on a day like today was clearly visible in the distance, not the far distance, that’s Harris or Lewis but just behind Brothers Point, that little flat bit with the lump in the middle.

Wife, wee dug and I however had a further four or five hours fencing to do before we came in the house 🙂

300412 009

In a repeat of the morning Jamie Lea came lumbering up after her dinner to go and sleep it off in the oil tank but someone had put a fence in the way 🙂

300412 012

So she settled for rolling over in the heather as I went to squeeze her teats to check for milk, it was hilarious. I check her at feeding time normally whilst she’s distracted, just a gentle ‘squeeze and pull’ like milking a goat or cow only just using two fingers. This time she just flopped over on her side as if she were about to feed piglets, me thinks she is not far away. We have her down for the 2nd of May but we (or they 🙂 ) seldom get it right !!



300412 013

Anyway we managed to get the place ‘stockproof’ mainly thanks to all the spare timber left over from the Robinsons shed. With that and the extra bolts, screws, washers and sheets I reckon you could build a good sized hen house but don’t tell the wife 🙂

Ne’r cast a clout till May is out

Hens in bed (eventually) we both came in and got on with dinner, a quick reheated affair and whilst washing my hands I gazed out to see

 300412 018


our hawthorn in bloom !!!!! It’s not even May yet and the mayflower is out, the cuckoo may be late but the hawthorn aint. I don’t ever recall seeing it flower here in April and the old adage of never removing any clothing till it’s out was true today because it was worth shedding layers to cool down in the warm evening 🙂

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