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April 28, 2012

Chook watching :-)

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Reluctantly I’m in the house, the sun has finally slipped below the horizon and my Seiko automatic divers watch says 21:50 but it’s lying 😦 The time is actually 21:20 and I’m just through the door after a rather active and productive day.

270412 010

The red rocks of Arnish arrived about 40 minutes ago as the golden ball of the sun disappeared behind the Storr. The watch confusing me somewhat by racing forwards half an hour, probably on account of all the rock breaking I’ve been doing today. This watch just does not suit people that lead a lifestyle involving hammers or lots of fist shaking, not much good for a carpenter or Italian taxi driver I guess.

The day arrived bathed in sunshine much as it has the last few but this one was not accompanied by the Baltic nor easter that we’ve been lumbered with of late. Consequently it was actually warm and the jumper stayed unworn all day, in fact the boots came off and the sandals went on in their stead 🙂

The first job was, of course to go and look at the chooks, who were split roughly twenty out and ten inside. Foolishly we’d not shut them in last night after the excitement  of them actually coming outside. The last few batches of ‘point of lay’ pullets we’ve had stayed well and truly put in their house for days. It’s not that we were worried about predators or anything just that we want them to get used to laying in the coop and not outside.

260412 048

I suppose this great big leylandi that’s directly in front of their coops is almost like being inside the house

260412 050

with it’s low branches that cut out much of the light.  We put the houses there because the tree sucks all the moisture out of the ground with its roots so it’s exceptionally dry underneath and around it. Also from watching past hens they seem to love its cover and having dust baths under it. Quite how it will cope with thirty is another thing entirely but we’ll see 🙂

That done, feed unloaded from the Landy, pigs fed and Jamie Lea check for milk I had breakfast number one, two boiled eggs with home made bread and headed up to the barn site to do yet more fencing.

 270412 001

Awkward fencing that required strainers and stays to be concreted in

 270412 002

so I did the mixing and barrowing whilst wife and child filled in the holes and tamped it down.

270412 004

We spent most of the day at this, resting frequently to admire the view and occasionally wandering down to see how the chooks were doing. Every time we went down they were a little more hen like, getting nearer and nearer to the edge of the tree, with more and more of them starting to scratch the earth. They never actually came out from under the tree but they were definitely  getting bolder and more inquisitive  by the hour.

270412 005

By the end of the day we’d got the two posts and strainer on the left concreted in

three posts

the Dude having removed all the nails out of those planks behind.

more posts

These posts were all in, a gate fitted and a couple of extra strainers just because I had them and some concrete, cheers Lachie 🙂

270412 006

After dinner we put the chooks to bed, being pleased to see that all but two of them were milling around happily outside.

270412 008

That was about it really, I cut the lawn in front of the house and came in as the sun set 🙂

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