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April 19, 2012

Raasay stores anyone :-)

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Two hours of my life wasted last night when I could have been sleeping 😦 To say that I was livid when my labour at doing last nights post vanished into the ether would be putting it mildly. There was I going into great detail about the ‘doings’ of the last two days of my ‘week off’ and the first of my ‘week on’ when poof, it just disappeared, no warning, no messages, not saved, not in the recycle bin, ‘windows livewriter’ not running, just gone. I slammed the lid of the laptop in disgust, brushed my teeth for the first time on Wednesday (more of that later) and went to bed in a huff.

So here goes

I’ll try and recall the bones of it before I even attempt today’s ‘doings’, it all started with the batteries really, that’ll be the half ton of forklift truck 2v cells that insisted on trying to leap out of the trailer as they bumped along the Torran path on Monday. They never actually made it out of the trailer thanks to the two large ratchet straps firmly holding them in but they did managed to tip it three times. Every time it went over there was a mad rush to right it before the acid poured out and yours truly went a bit OTT with the pain killers 😦 Consequently Tuesday morning arrived (after a long sleepless night) with me feeling decidedly queasy in the stomach department and extremely tired in the general body all over 😦

The boy had to go to school however so it was up early and off on the 7:55am ferry, him to Portree high and myself to mum and dads on the mainland, eventually. I say eventually because it took me two hours to drive the forty or so miles to their little bit of Shangri La on the mainland.

 180412 002

No, not that one, that’ll be Eilean Donan castle where I spent my third sleep 🙂 It took me double the normal time because I kept stopping for a nap, or at least trying to, for my first kip near the Broadford cemetery was rudely disturbed by the honking of a Forestry Commission vehicles horn. Now I wonder who that might have been 🙂

Arriving at my parents around 10:30 I had a little kip on the sofa before tackling a few wee jobs around the house and vowing to keep well clear of the Tramadol unless absolutely necessary.

   180412 003

With life slowly returning to my ailing body I went up the burn to clear debris from the intake to their water supply as well as changing the house filters, cutting some kindling and generally being a good sport 🙂 Returning to Sconser with several ‘brownie points’ a nice bottle of red and a golden glow from the chilli mum had made me for lunch.

With my ‘back to back’ away at 17:30 I slipped into work mode for a couple of hours before heading home to a farrowing sow.

 180412 006

Bramble had, after dragging half of her field into the ark started labour around 18:30

180412 005

by 20:30 there was still only one piglet, she’d passed the after birth, gone out for a pee and we thought it was all over.

180412 007

So after a quick spin up to the shed to admire Lachie’s handiwork we called it a day and I went off to my bed.

Wednesday arrived all too soon with any thoughts I had about going to check on Bramble vanishing abruptly as I tried to get out of bed. Every joint in my body ached and I felt like I’d been run over by a truck 😦 It was all I could do to get dressed and make coffee, even brushing teeth and shaving proved impossible. Two Tramadol later I managed to make it to wifey’s car, the Land Rover being far too high off the ground for me to climb up to 🙂 I dunno whether it was the little green and yellow pills or the sheer beauty of the drive to work

180412 008

but the suns rays lifting the mist off the Storr

180412 012

a dozen hinds at Glame

180412 020

a new born lamb at Holoman


180412 013

and snow on the Cuilin’s behind Manitoba had me at work 40 minutes later with almost a spring in my step 🙂

The day was busy enough with a good smattering of tourists but not too busy that I couldn’t break out the paint roller and do some work on deck. Not straight away as I had to wait for the morning sun to burn the dew and condensation off the Loch Striven’s cold hull.

 180412 022

A good time for me to give the ‘day shapes’ that lurk in the locker below the wheelhouse a lick of paint then.


These ‘shapes’ are hung from the mast (or further forward in the case of anchoring) to warn other vessels of our intentions or situation. There are many other configurations and shapes including cones and cylinders that cover operations from dredging to diving but these are all we’re ever likely or hopefully unlikely  to need 🙂

A golden opportunity

After much painting, soup making (for three!!!!!) not to mention ferrying the day was done

180412 021

and we all headed home as the ‘Ocean Spirit of Moray’ dropped her anchor (without black ball forward 🙂 ) in Churchton bay.

180412 026

A regular summer visitor to these parts she belongs to Gordonstoun school near Elgin, founded in 1934 they have always had a strong attachment to the sea.


Gordonstoun School’s yacht: The Ocean Spirit of Moray under sail in the North Irish Sea.

Seamanship has been a main part of the curriculum since the school began. The first voyage of note was in a cutter from Hopeman to Dornoch in June 1935, a distance of 25 miles (40 km).[49] Students still train in cutters from the age of 13 upward at Hopeman harbour to prepare for a voyage in the school’s 80 ft (24 m) sailing vessel. Most excursions take a week sailing off the West Coast of Scotland, but the school also enters into The Tall Ships’ Races annually which allows students to take part in an international competition in European waters lasting up to a month.[50]

Before my failure at posting last night I’d time to check my inbox which contained a link to the Raasay Store sale advert at Isle of Skye estate agents.


which at offers over 100k would make a fine business for anyone wanting to move to a quite and beautiful spot with a steady income.



So for less than 300k you could have a regular wage and our cosy little cottage 🙂 


That’s it, it’s almost 22:00 now, I’m fading fast and haven’t even started on today, well it was lovely,

180412 029

with a fine stag sprouting fresh antlers starting off the drive to work.

180412 032

A reluctant wee dog helping us wash the boat before being deposited in the Land Rover until lunch time


180412 033

more progress on the shed

180412 034

and three fine piglets 🙂

It vanished :-(

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Two friggin hours I spent last night on here doing a post when I could have been in bed and it just vanished as I was posting the last in a long line of great pictures 😦 Severely miffed I went to bed in a huff so you’ll have to wait until tonight for more news from the end of the road 🙂

180412 022

Here’s the culprit, any idea what they are 🙂 answers on a postcard please 🙂

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