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April 14, 2012


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Hectic, yup hectic, that just about sums up the last two days, so hectic in fact that I’ve not had time to stop for a glass of wine 🙂 Truth be known, I’ve not actually had time to buy any and we’ve run out 😦 No bad thing really as I think it was slowing me down 🙂 I’ve been running around like a man possessed this last couple of days in a desperate attempt to achieve all that is on ‘the list’ and a few things more beside before I go back to work on Tuesday.

The priority job being to finish the fencing on the shed house and wind turbine site, something I’ve been putting off for far too long. It’s not a large amount, just around 150m but some of the ground is quite unforgiving and a bit of a challenge. Still I got most of the strainers pushed into the ground with Hooky’s digger or Lachie’s telehandler some weeks ago so that eased the pain. Now that they were all in with their stays it was time to begrudgingly go and collect the wire, posts, staples etc from Harbro in Portree, our local feed and agricultural merchant.

I say begrudgingly not because I’ve anything against the place, on the contrary the staff are always friendly and go out of their way to help. The reason I was reluctant is because even a quick dash into Portree is half the day gone and it’s only 7 miles away as the crow flies 😦

The day, just as XC  UKWind promised was a pure peach and we caught the first ferry over to Skye after a leisurely drive down ‘Calum’s road’.


   130412 002

A frequent visitor to these parts at this time of year was lying just off the old iron ore pier having spent the night there. The Hebridean Princess an ex CalMac ferry now operated as a luxury cruise liner by was about to disembark some her wealthy passengers onto Raasay 🙂

I think I’m right in saying that is the first time she’s deposited some of her customers at our new, or even old pier, but it’s not the first time she’s set passengers ashore on Raasay. In the early nineties, before she was lengthened and when she still had the car ramps fitted she would often put people ashore at Loch Arnish. Either down by the old stone jetty at Port Arnish

011010 013

or below the white house at Torran in the distance. I was always struck by the professionalism of the crew as they deposited their usually elderly (or at least not young) and unsuitably (or at least inappropriately) dressed passengers on the shore. Expertly handled  boats by sailors that would lend a hand to steady their cargo it was delight to watch. They probably cannot do it now due to elfin safety or fear of getting sued, which is a shame as I’m sure it was a rich experience for many.

A quick dash for fuel then a trip to the Co Op to ‘not buy wine’ as you can’t until 10:30. I mean what is the point of that, how many teenagers or wino’s did you ever see queuing up for drink before 10:30 any way 🙂

   130412 003

Harbro next to load up with 60 round posts, 3 rolls of Ryloc, 1 roll of wire, feed, etc, etc and of course on a separate invoice hen drinkers for the ‘Arnish Egg Company’ 🙂

130412 005


Back on Raasay before 11:00 the former ferry MV Columba was now putting people ashore


130412 008

for a nice little wander around the island, just wait until Raasay house is open and they have somewhere to spend their money 🙂 Perhaps even buy some eggs and pork 🙂

The next thing I did after arriving home and having lunch was go to bed 😦 No kidding I was whacked so went and had a wee lie down before unloading the trailer.

130412 009

The Dude ferrying stuff up the hill and laying it all out where it was needed to save me carrying it.

130412 010

130412 012

Then it was stretching the high tensile wire with what is almost a good tool, the ‘Myti wire strainer’ would be an excellent tool if it were just made out of better quality materials and at the price of it, it should be 😦 The pivot bolt that comes with it is not even a proper high  tensile bolt, it’s a stainless ‘set’ that’s soft, threaded all the way to the head and bends 😦 The jaws are too soft soon fail to grip thinner wire but apart from that it’s great 🙂

130412 014

That took us up to dinner time after which it was a spell of ‘nest box’ making fixing,

130412 028

firstly jig sawing out the three holes before fitting the box I’d knocked up the day before

130412 030

when I had a quite spell 🙂


After a very early night Saturday arrived with a few aches and pains that I’d not felt for a while but the promise of ‘wall to wall’ sunshine had me out early with a clear blue sky over my head. Wifey hung the washing out on my recommendation and i got stuck into a little ‘hen house’ work.

130412 020

Fitting a lid to the nest boxes just before this arrived, out of nowhere and with a bang 😦

130412 016

That was hail but on at least two occasions we had snow!!! It didn’t lie, vanished in minutes and was on the whole a great day.

 130412 019

Being ‘bin day’ I made sure that the bins were full, well if they’re going to come all this way I might as well make it worth their while 🙂 The disco lights, smoke machine and some strobes going in the junk pile but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the lorry next Christmas 🙂 The council may not get everything right but there’s nothing wrong with the refuse collection and schools 🙂

  130412 021

Well, that was it really, a long day for all of us at the fencing

130412 023

right up until a late dinner of mince and tatties.

130412 024

And now at 23:00 I’m off to bed 🙂

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