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April 11, 2012

There has to be a better way :-(

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Golly gosh, 21:40, I’m still in my overalls, not had me bath and am already into a fine bottle of merlot given me by long time blog reader Derek, cheers mate 🙂 Anyway I never managed to finish off blogging about Tuesday before I turned in so here goes.

From what I remember it was a pretty good day for everything other than painting, not that that stopped me having a go 🙂 No matter how sunny it was, as soon as I broke out the paint roller it started to rain 😦

Apart from abortive attempts at glossing all the fairleads and bollards I’d painted it was the usual rush of finishing off the weeks chores and paperwork ready for my ‘back to back’. The highlight of the day being ‘the first cut’

 100412 021

the ‘first cut’ being this. This being the new contractor that will be coming over once a fortnight to cut the grass on Raasay for the council. At £243 on the ferry complete with two workers at £6 per hour it strikes me as rather an ‘ar5e about t*t’ way of doing things.

Now I know that I should be encouraging people to use the ferry, after all it pays my wages but the sanity of this  escapes me. From now until October only 24 weeks away this truck and trailer will be visiting Raasay every second week. That will be around 12 trips at £243, so  a gnats bollack off 3K, probably a good deal more with fuel and wages !!!! Now if we had a thriving economy on Raasay and a 24 car ferry that would be ‘damn fine splendid’ but we don’t. There are people needing work and this ‘rig’ takes up six spaces on the car deck so if you have any important appointments on a Tuesday better get here early 🙂

Not only that but it will probably have to be on Raasay for that particular day no matter what the weather, so if it’s pishing with rain the grass will still be cut. It won’t be cut right but it WILL be cut or the whole weeks schedule will be ruined. They will of course only cut the grass that they’ve been contracted to cut, so all the verges and the area in front of the steading will be left.

  100412 023

I mean, why should they cut it, it’s not in the contract and they don’t live here, so don’t really care.

100412 024

Would it not make far more sense to employ someone on Raasay to do ALL the grass cutting for less money and when the weather is fine, or am I missing something 🙂

Of course it may just be that the council are blameless and the contractor just didn’t do his homework properly, either way it strikes me as barmy that all this hardware and labour should visit Raasay at such expense and leave without cutting a single blade of grass. Apparently all the ‘contracted areas’ did not need cutting, of course I couldn’t possibly comment as I never went to the Playing field, school or cemetery. Funny how I’ve cut my lawn twice and the grass at the steading and harbour road is 9” long though :-) 

When the last working day was finally over I headed home via Oscaig in the remnants of a fierce shower of hail that left the road and some fields white, or at least whitiesh 🙂

100412 025

Further north over on the east side at Brochel

100412 026

I came across this Trafalgar class submarine on the surface in the Inner Sound.


Well, I managed to stay in bed until after 7:00am with the aid of the remnants of a box of wine the night before, after which it was a day of fencing and chicken housing 🙂

Firstly though it was to unload the eight Rolls, Surrette batteries from my trailer

100412 027

and give them the ‘once over’

100412 029

before taking them over to to replace the eight year old battery bank there. At around £2K for the eight delivered, from Hugh Piggott at the price was good but I just wanted to make sure they were all around the same voltage and SG before fitting them 🙂

100412 028

That done it was a day spent fencing in the sunshine up at the new house/barn site

100412 033

followed by some work on the ‘Arnish eggs’ chicken houses

100412 035

as one of them required the door removing from the front

100412 036

and fitting on the back

100412 037

and now I’m off to bed, well, as soon as I remove my overalls 🙂

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