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April 10, 2012

Seen but not heard

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Dunno where to start really, it’s been a busy couple of days and I had intended scribbling down a few lines last night but got distracted. Not with anything house, barn, pig or VAT related, not with any one of a gazillion things that I should be doing but with hens 🙂 Or to be more precise filling in forms relating to our new ‘egg production facility’ (two huts and 221square meters of ground) and the new ‘packing centre’ ( a forty year old Thomson Glenelg caravan) 🙂 Don’t worry Graham it’s only a temporary fix until the barn is up 🙂 The old Thomson will be back on the ‘festival scene’ as soon as the house is built 🙂

Anyway after filling in the forms, which are just as complex for 3000 hens as 30 I’d had enough, not that it was me that was actually doing the deed, but it felt like it 😦

Easter Monday arrived grey and damp with little sign or sounds of spring in the cold north wind.

100412 001

Still, I was up and off early for work full of enthusiasm, spurred on by the good forecast for my ‘week off’ and only two days left to work 🙂 Being early I stopped at the back of Raasay house to climb on the Land Rover roof and admire the slate and lead work there.

100412 002

What I wasn’t impressed with was the white covering on the roof of Sgurr na Gilean 😦

100412 003

The day actually improved as it went on, it was in fact, after the initial 7:45 downpour not such a bad day at all.

100412 004

Much as I tried I could not resist rummaging through this pile of scrap destined for the ‘recyclers’

100412 006

I tried really really hard not to ‘acquire’ any more ‘treasure’ but in the end came away with three good propellers for my mates 🙂

With the house on the market and wifey and I heading for a caravan the last thing I needed was more cr4p. What I needed to do was go and check the wheel bearings on our ‘new home’ before towing it to Arnish.

100412 014

Which is exactly what I did during my lunch break

100412 015  100412 016

and they didn’t look bad at all 🙂

The wheel bearings were not the only thing I inspected

100412 008

I also checked out Willie Eyre’s 10 cubic meter ‘carbon neutral’ wood store that (apart from the caravan aluminium roof) is completely usable in the fire 🙂

 100412 010

It’s also designed to allow the air to circulate through it 🙂

IBM 600X error code 8611

Returning from my lunch break I went to get my computer out of the fridge 🙂


100412 017

Now I’m no expert on computers, in fact, to be honest I hate the things but I’ve become quite attached to this old IBM that was second hand when I bought it ten years ago. I actually got it, not as a computer but to play DVDs on in the Land Rover and it was useless. It took so long to start up and play a disc that you’d generally lost interest or arrived at your destination by the time you’d got past the titles 😦 However when around five or six years ago I finally got the internet at home I discovered that it was a pretty good laptop.

It was a ‘pretty good laptop’ until Sunday when it spent all day bringing up this message on start up.

100412 020 

You have to friggin laugh really, translated into English I suppose it means ‘Caution, error 08611, consult handbook. Of course the handbook is some binary carp in the memory of the friggin computer so how you’re supposed to consult it if you can’t switch the friggin thing on is beyond me 🙂

Anyway, having switched it on and off a hundred times, removed the battery, etc, etc, decided against putting it in the microwave, I put it in the fridge 🙂 To my, and my crew mates surprise after an hour or so in with the fish, bacon and veg it worked 🙂 Don’t suppose it’s a permanent fix but it certainly worked!!!

100412 018

The working day finished and with Ben na Calliach’s eastern side in the shade of the setting sun I headed home

 100412 019

past St Moluags 13th century chapel at the back of Raasay house. Saint Moluag being a contemporary of Saint Columba who is said to have brought Christianity to Argyll and Raasay amongst other places After that I continued north homewards to see the first cuckoo of the year, a little early and without making a sound, but a cuckoo indeed 🙂 Strange as I have not as yet seen any wheatears, the preferred host of this parasites young in these parts.


A small bird of the heather moors it can often be seen chasing the much larger African visitor.  It’s distinctive white rump that gives it the Victorian name ‘white rear’ flashing behind and nothing to do with wheat 🙂


This morning I was in an infuriatingly good mood that lasted all day, despite the showers that ruined all my attempts at painting 🙂

But I’ll have to tell you all about that tomorrow as it’s well past my bed time 😦

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