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April 5, 2012

The ‘Beetles of Raasay’ :-)

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I shouldn’t really be attempting any blogging right now, I’ve not even replied to most of the well intended comments left by you all, for which I apologise and I’m too tired to make much sense 🙂 Not that I’ve actually done a great deal today but all this  house and hen related stuff is really taking it out of me 😦

After the wintery couple of days that arrived here on Tuesday and Wednesday along with the first lamb or two, today was quite nice. OK, there was the odd shower and it was hardly painting weather but at least it was a few degrees warmer and the ‘Baltic’ north easterly had blown itself out. So much so that I made it up to the top deck for my chosen task of freeing off the ‘fairlead rollers’


020412 022

A task that I would have found nigh on impossible had it not been for ‘Lucky Jim’s’ converted Volkswagen car jack :-)  Lucky Jim being our long serving ex skipper and motorman who retired almost exactly two years ago



For long enough I had a little reminder of his service every time I shutdown the aft main engine,


but sadly the 1970’s drawer knob on the old tractor starter button that he’d ‘knocked up’ to keep things running smoothly had been replaced at docking last year 😦 However I was once more reminded of his ingenuity when I came to remove the roller pins to free them off and paint them. Jim had been faced with the same problem some years ago so had welded a clamp onto an old car jack that could then be used to draw them out.

 020412 030


 The ‘Beetle man’s’ book

It’s been twenty years in the making and will probably not be an international best seller but I’m sure it will be good reading for anyone with an interest in beetles or Raasay.



Richard Moore has been visiting Raasay since the mid seventies and did, for a year or two at least live here at Arnish.


Indeed, it was himself that brought this very tree here over forty years ago on the bus


and just look at it now 🙂


Looking somewhat bizarre amongst the birch, hawthorn and native trees this ‘Monkey Puzzle’ was not much taller than me when I moved here in 1989 and now it’s well over thirty feet tall. Not only that but it could be yours for around £170K (shameless plug) 🙂

To say that Richard is dedicated to his ‘specialist subject’ would be something of an understatement, for the last couple of decades he’s been pursuing the beetles of Raasay relentlessly. Twice a year, usually in May and August he can be seen out in all weathers sporting a butterfly net, wellingtons, rucksack and all manner of sophisticated trapping devices for his quarry.

I’ve no idea how many different types he’s found, well I have but I’ve forgotten, but it is around the ‘rather a lot’, certainly closer to a thousand than hundred.

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