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February 21, 2012

Pretty thin :-(

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Well that’s me back at work after a pretty hectic ‘week off’ so perhaps I’ll spend a little more time on here. Sorry if it’s been a little lame of late but this house building carry on takes up a great deal of time and is quite stressful 😦 Just wait until we actually get a building warrant, then you’ll not see me for dust 🙂

Think I left you sometime late on a very cold Saturday with Rocky back home and the whole family shattered after an epic drive around Skye with a wonky wheel bearing. Well Sunday proved to be a much better day so I was up early and wasted no time (and yes that is snow in the gutter)


190212 002

by getting straight on the roof. The paint on our roof had started to lift last year after I’d made the fatal mistake of painting it in late July or August when it was far too hot. The north facing side was fine as it had not sustained the full glare of the sun but this side was a disaster. I’d started to power wash the flaky paint last June but got sidetracked  so had set about it once more recently. With the loose paint removed I spent many hours with a wire brush on the grinder feathering the edges.

190212 003

Stopping only briefly when Bracken and her seven wains came to visit 🙂

Knowing that this was likely to be the last dry day for the best part of a week the Dude, Molly, Charlie and myself went to cut some rushes for bedding.

190212 006


010211 028

Here’s Charlie just twelve months ago, that’s him on the right of the picture on Sunday, obviously you can see ‘I am not a dog person’ 🙂

190212 005

Also you can see that the paint on this side of the house is just fine, or at least much better than the other side.

190212 008

Sadly I only managed to get primer on about one third of the roof before an ‘unforecast’ shower arrived which effectively stopped work for a whole week and more 😦

190212 009

Too wet for painting I turned my attention to the dodgy wheel bearings on my trailer,

190212 010

the copper olive I’d used as a sleeve had worked well but it was time to order new bearings 🙂

190212 013

Monday was a pure 5h*t of a day but was greatly improved by the arrival of some serious ‘barn building’ hardware.

 190212 015

Not to mention a few pigs 🙂


Today wasn’t great but I managed to get quite a bit done before heading south to work.

190212 022

This fitting of a drain at the new barn site being my major achievement, no not the big one but the wee one on the right 🙂

With my 110mm pipe plumbed into the large corrugated pipe I turned my attention to laying some armoured cable  before spending a couple of hours power washing loose paint and moss off the house.

190212 023

Back at work for 15:30 I saw this barge at Sconser preparing to bore holes in the mud, but now it’s time for bed 🙂

190212 024

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