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February 7, 2012

Where to begin??

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I think the last time I was on here was Saturday, and If I remember rightly it pished down for most of it then brightened up in the late afternoon to make a fine evening. The sowf of England was getting snowed on and hoping for a good day on Sunday to get some work done outside.

Well Sunday arrived and I even managed to stay in bed


or at least in my pyjamas until I caught the unmistakeable pink glow out of the kitchen window the heralds a spectacular sunrise. Not so impressive from our little valley, obscured as it is by the Sithean Mor behind the house, but I bet it was amazing at Brochel. Still I’d never know because I’d to go and feed the pigs, starting with Bracken in the barn who was ‘filling out nicely’.

 050212 052

Our most handsome pig (I’ve been doing this for too long 🙂 ) always has a hard time farrowing and quite often squashes half of her litter. Not due until the 7th we brought her in to the barn early to keep an eye on her and pamper her a little. It’s not as confined as an ark (or as warm) but if she had problems then at least we had electric light and could get there from the house without getting lost in a swamp 😦

As usual I gave her a wee pet, talked to her and then checked her for milk, of which there was none. Pigs really are most intelligent creatures and really do enjoy a wee chat and scratch 🙂

050212 002

Then, after feeding everyone else I laid in wait with my shotgun for the crows which are once more becoming a problem, shooting one and leaving it on a gate post usually keeps them away for a couple of weeks 🙂


050212 009

There was an occasional shower of rain but not enough to wear waterproofs for and it did produce some nice rainbows, though  they’re never as vivid on the page 😦

 050212 010

With the rest of the household still in bed and no ‘little helpers’ for the weekend I took ‘Hookies road’ up to the house site and started to dig a hole in it.

 050212 013

It’s needing a gate here and I have to get it all fenced, or at least the strainer posts in so I can get the area surveyed.

Leaving the hole dug but empty on account of needing breakfast and a telegraph pole I retired to the kitchen to join the rest of the family. Gee it wasn’t half quiet with only one of the ‘three amigos’ 🙂

050212 003

Next it off to Torran with the Dude to give the Lister ST2 a good run, check the Studer inverter and clear out the silt from the water supply.

050212 005

The Studer 2.3Kw inverter that supplies the house is a fine Swiss made bit of kit but it’s a total PITA to program with it’s multitude of  dual function buttons and lights. It would be hard enough if the manual was written in good English but translated from French, Italian or German it’s a friggin nightmare 😦

We cleared the silt but water was still a little slow in coming through so we headed up to Loch an Dubhan to clear the filter.

050212 014

Loch Arnish below, Loch Beag and Loch an Uachdair away in the distance and Dun Caan lost in mist.

050212 017

050212 019

Filter cleaned, wee dug worn out and feet soaked (guess who didn’t wear wellies) we headed back down the steep track to Torran and turned off the generator 🙂

050212 026  050212 027

After drying out the wee dug and I went down to the shore to recover a telegraph pole, that when cut in two would make a pair of fine gate posts 🙂

DJ gear for sale 😦

With a multitude of people wanting to squeeze money out of us for having the audacity to want to build a house on land we own, and with the likelihood of having to live in a caravan whilst we do it I though I’d start getting rid of some of my ‘better crap’ on eBay.

 050212 029 (Small)  050212 036 (Small)

My days of all night parties are long gone but it was good to get the gear out and make sure it worked before sticking it on eblag.

050212 038

A pair of Pioneer CDJ 100S CD decks, a Pioneer DJM 300S mixer and the Rolls Royce of turntables, 2 x Techincs SL1210 Mk II’s and

Most definitely the last time I will ever play this awesome tune by French maestro Laurent Garnier


Monday and the lights went out 😦

By the time I’d finished wrestling with eBay the day had gone and I awoke at 3:00am to a house that was once more in darkness, no clocks or modems flashing, the power had tripped once more 😦 I was not a happy bunny and spent the rest of the day laying a new thicker armoured cable to the house 😦


050212 044

Having to lift the floorboards where the old one came in just to disconnect it as I laid the new one around the back. There was no way I was digging up the path 😦

050212 042

As it turned out it wasn’t actually the cable under the path but the one that it connected to

050212 049

under the floor boards but at least I’ve now got a newer and heftier cable into the house.

Having spent the whole day doing that major undertaking the last thing that I needed was a farrowing sow

050212 051

but when I saw this at feeding time I knew I was in for a sleepless night 😦

050212 046

Milk and a full moon, definitely a long night ahead 😦

050212 053

Sure enough by 20:25 Bracken was in labour

050212 058


050212 056

and ten minutes later the first one arrived. One of us would clear the mucus from their mouths whilst Molly licked them clean then the other would plonk the piglet onto a teat.

050212 059

By 23:00 we thought it was all over at ten piglets so we left them to it and went to bed.

050212 061


Out to check on Bracken at 5:00am we found two dead piglets and nine live ones, so she must have had another during the night 😦

050212 062

One of the dead ones was tiny and will have been the last one to be born, the other larger one probably squashed during Bracken’s labour 😦

The rest of the beautiful day was spent cutting wood, clearing up in the house, checking my mates battery bank, and fitting a strainer post.

050212 066

After that I headed south to the ferry to let my ‘back to back’ away and returned via the full moon at Brochel Castle 🙂

050212 068

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