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January 29, 2012

Almost daylight :-)

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Bit of a panic on this morning when I turned on the bedroom light and saw that it was 6:58, normally I’m around the Beallach Ruadh by then and not still in my bed. The Beallach Ruadh being around three miles south of here on the way to work, I was out of my bed in a shot and already scrabbling around in the bedside cabinet for my ‘lucky underpants’ before it dawned on me that it was Sunday.

The red wine of last night had been the ‘sleeping draught’ and the shot of adrenalin when I saw the clock my coffee so I just got up and got on with it 🙂 No sooner had I sorted myself out than the patter of tiny feet came down stairs to see what was going on. My boys palls were staying the weekend (just for a change 🙂 ) and the first one was up and ready for action. The feet are hardly tiny at size 10 and he’s much taller than me but he’s always keen so off we went.

Into the workshop first with the Panasonic and a great big pair of pliers to try and remove the SD card, much to my surprise it almost fell out!! I’d had several unsuccessful attempts at removing it yesterday before the ‘memory card locked’ message came up.

Anyway this morning the card came out easily but minus the little grey switch for locking it so I’m thinking that that is what jammed it in the first place and now it’s floating around in my camera body somewhere. I can’t see it and no amount of shaking or sucking with an industrial vacuum cleaner revealed it 😦

Still the camera seemed OK so we just got on with the feeding after I’d admired all the hard work the boys had done yesterday moving rocks and gravel. This they’d done without being asked and a fine bit of work it was too. OK the Honda had a broken foot rest and we’d no petrol left, but hey, ‘you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs’ 🙂

Bracken was the first to get fed as she was in the barn next to the workshop heavily ‘in pig’, still a week to go but it’s a good place to feed her up and keep an eye on her. Bracken, our most handsome Tamworth always has a real time of it when farrowing so we like to keep her nearby. In the barn there’s electric light, more room, plenty of bedding and you can get there from the house without wearing wellies and oilskins 🙂

290112 006

Then it was into the ‘net shed field’ to feed Jamie Lea and her six piglets

290112 001


290112 003

before going out onto the hill to feed Bramble and Toots.

290112 005

That wee Toots is a noisy little pig and a right little character, the only one of Brambles litter that we kept to fatten we were a little unsure what to do with her. Normally we’d keep two or three as pigs are gregarious creatures but poor Toots got left on her own when all her siblings got sold. She was so distraught that we put her out on the hill with the big pigs and she settled in just fine.

We were a little worried that Bramble would start feeding her again but she didn’t. We thought she’d get bullied at feeding but she stood her ground, I suspect that Rocky could be a problem when she gets larger but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it 🙂

290112 007

After that it was into the generator shed to don my face mask and top up the 24 x 2v cells that make up my 1000ah 48v battery bank. I know that shed is a riot but I’m dealing with it, honest, you have no idea how much cr4p I’ve accumulated over the last thirty years. That wooden slatted bench above my head was from a police SPG Transit van I used to have when I first moved here. It’s days of ferrying riot police superseded to moving goats, sheep and other crofting essentials 🙂 I really must put some of this stuff on eBay, Volvo wing mirrors circa 1970, spark plugs from Morris Minors, points from Vauxhall Viva’s, Datsun oil filters, Ford Cortina service kits, the list goes on and on 😦

All too soon it was time to head to work for my ‘favourite day’ 🙂 Only two sailings, a fried breakfast, some cleaning, maintenance, paperwork and drills.

 290112 009

Launch the rescue boat

290112 011

and most importantly clean the Old Girl

290112 012

and go for a wander

290112 008

up to Raasay House 🙂

290112 015

After all that and the final run at 16:00 we tied up the Loch Striven in daylight, well almost, the lights were on the pier but by my next Sunday in two weeks time they should be off and I’ll be driving home without lights 🙂

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