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January 10, 2012

Mainly indoors :-(

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I’m ashamed to say that it was well after 9:00am when I arose this morning, and what’s more not an awful lot has been achieved since. Well nothing of excitement anyway 😦 In fact I’ve barely been out of the house all day, in fact I’ve hardly been out of the kitchen all, being glued to the laptop and phone for the most of it.

There are those, probably most, that cope admirably with paperwork and the telephone, me I hate it, I like ‘doing stuff’ and spending the day in front of a screen or on the phone is not  in my book ‘stuff’ 😦 I really have no idea how I’ve managed to keep plonking away on here for four years because, as a rule I can’t sit still for very long and hate writing of any kind. Probably something to do with the my ego being larger than my aversion to the keyboard 🙂

It wasn’t actually such a bad day and I had planned on doing a few jobs before going back to work, fixing the Land Rover heater and checking the hydro turbine intakes being just two of them. However, once more the swineherd had spent a restless night downstairs with Tam so I pottered about doing the things that I know she’d have done on getting up.

The kitchen was a riot of ‘puppy pads’ and little piglet ‘squiffs’ but the little fighter was still alive so I cleaned him up and gave him a feed.


Afraid that the wee chap would wake the wife I stayed in and started on a pile of unopened letters and cr4p that had been festering in my ‘inbox’ since before Christmas. The ‘inbox’ being the kitchen units where things can get buried for weeks under a mountain of shopping, hats, books, torches, files, biscuit tins and wine boxes.

The ‘inbox’ turned out to be much larger than expected so I spent the rest of the day dealing with it, and all the phone calls, emails and letters it generated 😦


100112 002


A little later in the day we took Tam out to eat some dirt 🙂


100112 004

Pigs love grubbing and the muck would be good roughage for what has been a mainly liquid diet of late that has been going straight through him:-(

The wee chap had a good munch on some stones in the garden and I returned to my paperwork 🙂 OK, I know it’s a rubbish effort but I’ve seen quite enough of computers, calculators, pens and phones for the day and now I’m off to bed 🙂

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