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December 26, 2011

Violent storm 11 !!!!!

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First of all, sorry for not replying individually to all the Christmas greetings, Andy, Jeannette, Walter, Graham, Sue, Frances, Mimi, Celia and all. Yes I know that’s not all of you, Richard and the rest but I’m thinking of you 🙂

I’m a little miffed at the blog right now, at least three hours of my Christmas day was spent posting yesterday, how sad is that, and it just vanished into cyberspace, not a trace, no ghost, nothing. To say I was pi55ed off would be putting it mildly, it’s not like you can accidently delete it, it just disappeared some time before midnight before my very eyes 😦 Which is a shame because it was quite good 🙂

I think I left you on Christmas eve, again shortly before midnight after returning from a wee ceilidh  at my neighbours chalet a few hundred yards away. Being the miserable old git that I am I left early to wander back on a clear night and check on Jamie Lea.

241211 017

Our contrary pig showed no sign of piglets but the sky was boodly amazing 🙂 The distinctive ‘W’ of Cassiopeia being visible top right and Auriga bottom left, the brightest star in Auriga, and the whole picture being Capella. They were all on show that night, Great bear, Little bear, Orion and Polaris but the strainer post in Jamie Lea’s field was the only place I could put my camera for the 8 second exposure 🙂

Christmas piglets 🙂

Considering that we had a houseful of dogs, family and a twelve year old son it was a surprisingly late start to Christmas day. The pigs getting fed just after 8:30 and present opening commencing shortly afterwards 🙂


251211 011

A long and pleasurable affair interspersed by a fine fried breakfast and revealing such treasures as an iPod, infra red thermometer and pickled onions 🙂

251211 014

Though why we need a plastic Christmas tree in the house when we’ve got that monster outside the window I don’t know 🙂

It may have been Christmas day but I still had stuff to do, though I can’t remember what it was 🙂 Probably another puncture but certainly to go and keep an eye on Jamie. To be honest I’d have gone outside even had I not had stuff to do, I am not an ‘indoor person’ 🙂


251211 018

At last Jamie Lea had started ‘nesting’, a sure sign that piglets were on the way 🙂 Despite having an insulated Bidgiemere  pig ark already full of bedding she’d decided to collect more,

251211 017

and more 🙂 ‘Experts’ will tell you not to put too much bedding in as it causes piglets to get lost and squashed, obviously the sow thinks differently 🙂 Not really a great deal we can do about Jamie’s ‘bedding obsession’, the best part of three hours later she was still at this carry on.

110810 006

This was her in August of last year, believe it or not there is a 200Kg sow under there with 14 piglets!!!!

110810 035

Her previous litter was in February 2010 and she produced that outside in a blizzard !!!!

She really is a most contrary pig 🙂


The same gremlin that stole last nights post has been at work on this video 😦 The original has the actual moment of birth on it but severe weather seems to have prevented its upload 😦

As Christmas dinner of a lovely free range turkey from Alex Townhend in Plockton was progressing nicely I went to feed the herd early.

251211 034

Arriving just in time for the ‘big event’ in Jamie’s ark,

251211 039


I think this was piglet number three, the first one arrived feet first within minutes of my arrival, the second shortly after. Forty or fifty minutes separated two and three with number four around two hours after the first. It was about then that things went a little ‘pear shaped’ 😦 As I went to get relieved, Jamie got  up and left her brood, no doubt at the smell of the feed bucket that was just outside the ark. After eating her fill she carefully nested back down to continue farrowing, only she managed to (within a matter of seconds) squash one piglet and produce a still born one 😦 This produced a huge dilemma of what to do, try and get the ‘still born’ one breathing by massage and swinging it around or try and remove the live one from under Jamie.

I opted for trying to do both, and for a few moments felt that I’d achieved neither, the large ‘still born’ boar was cooling and still, despite vigorous rubbing and ‘mouth to mouth,’ and the flattened wee gilt was looking decidedly ‘iffy’.

Mouth to mouth resuscitation is not really recommended for ‘jump starting’ piglets, as quite often it’s stuff inside their throat that has stopped them breathing in the first place. However I’d done all the rubbing and swinging to no avail and was getting desperate. The flat piglet recovered but the still born one didn’t, I have no idea how long I spent trying, but the poor wee thing was cold before I gave up.

Worn out and a little dejected I returned to the house to swap shifts with the swineherd. She togged up with oilskins whilst I got on with the roast spuds and gravy 🙂

It really is strange where life takes you if you let it 🙂 Fifteen years ago I could barely boil and egg and thirty years ago the only ‘mouth to mouth’ I’d ever done was at my diving school. Had someone told me I’d doing the same thing on a piglet in a boggy field two hundred miles north I’d have told them to ‘keep taking the pills’ 🙂

The ultimate roast potato

With wifey away out to the ark, and in all honesty probably glad to get out of the house, I set about the spuds. I know that I’m ‘full of 5h1t’ at times but I have to say that my roasters are awesome 🙂 First off you need the right spud, and a Rooster, or Golden Wonder fits the bill nicely. Then you boil them for five minutes in a pan of salted water that has a good fitting lid. Once they’ve done the five, tip out the water, which can be added to the gravy or even saved to make stock. With the spuds sitting in a colander to drain and dry put some olive oil and chopped rosemary in the pan. Next tip the tatties back in, place the lid on the pan tightly and give them a good shake to mix up the olive oil and rosemary. When they’re nicely ‘distressed’ brush a little more olive oil on them and bung them in the oven on a tray for half an hour or so 🙂

Me I chuck  few whole cloves of garlic in the tray too but that’s because I’m married to a vampire 🙂 By the end of the evening there were seven lively piglets, though one more had been ‘still born’ 😦 Funnily enough the swineherd did exactly the same as I, including wondering what the hell she was doing kissing a piglet 🙂

Happy birthday Charlie

After dinner I wasted a good few hours of my life trying to upload video’s and blog posting but gave up and went to bed. Boxing day arrived with a bang, a 60mph bang that had me filled with dread. The rain was lashing, the wind howling and I had to work 😦 Not work on the croft but work on the ferry, for I was doing the first run to let my ‘back to back’ back after the festivities.

It did not sound good for the only sailing of the day from Raasay, UKWind was forecasting severe gales and the blasts through the opened windows seemed to confirm it. All the windows in the house have been opened slightly for days on account of the excess power in the house. Skye, Raasay and the mainland may have been suffering blackouts but we’ve had ‘oodles’ of power.

251211 025  251211 026

Even with the oven on, the wind and hydro turbines have been dumping power into the three oil filled radiators in the porch, bathroom and bedroom.

Anyway, after feeding and checking the herd

261211 003

I headed south. Jamie Lea’s seven piglets were all doing fine but the sea was looking far too wobbly for the ferry 😦

261211 005

Here’s Manitoba near Oscaig and the Sgier Cnapach was getting a fair pasting even though it was two hours after ‘high water’.

261211 006

In all honesty I didn’t think we’d be sailing but a mile or so further south it wasn’t half as bad.

261211 007

So the good ship Loch Linnhe poked her nose out and we did the one and only sailing to Skye and back.


violent storm 11

An hour after leaving Sconser I was back home to discover an even worse day than the one I’d left, the weather station regularly recording gusts of well over 76mph and constant winds of up to 72mph or ‘violent storm eleven’ on the Beaufort scale .


Over 72mph is classed as a hurricane and it certainly felt like that at times,


certainly glad I wasn’t going around the Mull of Kintyre today 🙂

Still, it was pretty fresh on land, with water going uphill and the old Proven 2.5Kw wind turbine belting out the amps 🙂



This video of the burn above Torran was actually taken yesterday but it was even more spectacular today 🙂


261211 010

The piglets may have been born yesterday but one of our guests celebrated his first birthday today 🙂 Young Charlie was born this day last year on our bed 🙂


That’s him far right with all the black 🙂

Anyway, it’s after 21:00 now and I’m going to call it a day, just to thank you all once again for all your kind words and support over the four years that I’ve been bashing away on here 🙂

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