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December 23, 2011

Beware of the boar :-)

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Can’t see this being an epic posting tonight, already it’s after 21:00 and I’ve not had my bath yet 😦 Not that I’ve actually done or achieved a great deal today but I’m knackered anyway (just for a change) 🙂 I could put some spin on the fact that both wifey and I were up shortly after 5:00am and make a meal of it, but in reality we were both needing to shed some of the caffeine laced Pepsi that had accompanied the bottle of Morgan’s spiced rum we’d demolished. OK, not entirely but it was looking very sorry for itself on the kitchen table :-)  Anyway, after sorting out some paperwork, and a few other odds and ends we both retired back to bed to await daylight. The shortest day may have passed but it’ll be a few weeks before you actually start to notice the difference.

Rocky’s out

When full daylight arrived at some time around 9:00am I went out to feed the herd and check on our expectant sow Jamie Lea. The large, dim, blind as a bat, and delightful Gloucester Old Spot pig was due to farrow any day was still hanging on to her brood 🙂 We’d worked it out as being yesterday so I don’t think she’s far away, and judging by her size it’ll be a big one 🙂

As all but the three piglets are out on the hill, or hemmed in on a far away bit of the croft I decided to let our 200 plus Kg boar Rocky out.

 231211 003

Our young prize Tamworth boar has been getting a little depressed of late so I thought I’d cheer him up by letting him out with the girls. After all it was Christmas and Bramble (on the right) was needing served 🙂

231211 004

He’s a great nature and a big softie but he does weigh close on a quarter of a ton and have tusks 😦 I don’t think he’s got an ounce of aggression in him but he’s given out a few nasty bruises  to wifey and others just by being friendly 🙂

I figured that on this, the busiest shopping day of the year and the Friday before Christmas he’d be unlikely to meet any strangers so left him out for the day.

 231211 005

Next thing, before breakfast, the ‘wee dug’ and I went out to joint some cable. This would be the heavy armoured cable that leads up from the battery/inverter/generator shed to the new barn and house site. Of course like much of the stuff I posses it came out of a skip and was of uncertain heritage.

231211 006

I had thought that the two heavily armoured cables were 10mm square but when I came to join them discovered they were 16mm square, either that or the jointing kit was wrong 😦

231211 007

The Prysmian kit JUJ10CC was too small 😦 Those four silver tubes near the tape measure were just too narrow a diameter for the cable 😦 Not good from the ‘parts available’ point of view but great from the ‘volt drop’ perspective, as far as cable is concerned ‘the bigger the better’ 🙂

231211 010

A trip back to the workshop found a short length of copper pipe that would suffice as a ‘crimp connector’ and some nylon tube that would work as an insulator.

231211 011

It wasn’t easy crimping them with the heavy tool but I got there in the end,

231211 012

snapping the two halves of the coupling together once I’d ensured continuity of the outer wire armour. As the cable is three core with an earth it’s probably not required but it’s in the kit so I used it anyway 🙂

Boars away 🙂

That done and a late breakfast out of the way I turned my attention to injecting the piglets for worms.


231211 013

Two of the wee beauties were going to Fernilea and we’d be fattening one for Kevin and Christine at . As there were only three I managed them on my own, plonked two in a crate and took them to Sconser.

A very black Christmas indeed

It’s been all over the news I’m sure and hardly a home in the Western Isles has not been affected. However, a few hours without power is nothing compared to the grief and suffering that John MacKinnon’s family  will be feeling right now.


I didn’t know John personally but I’d seen him once or twice on the ferry and there’s hardly a crofter, builder or haulier in the west that would not have had dealings with him. A hard worker that drove a hard bargain John will be sorely missed, I know plenty of folk who worked with him and for him and my heart goes out to his family and them all.

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