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December 22, 2011

Home :-)

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Home at last, how I love home, call me dull but a couple of weeks on the croft in May or June beats any foreign holiday in the sun ‘hands down’. A few days ‘Doon the watter’ on beautiful Bute in a great hotel may be some folks idea of heaven but ‘there’s no place like home’ 🙂 The Victoria hotel on Rothesay may have kept me well fed on great local food, the views over to the Cowal peninsula and up Loch Striven certainly were spectacular, but give me a fat ‘wee dug’ a ‘crabbit wife’ and the pishing rain any day 🙂

It had been a long and stressful day on the last day of my shift so rather than head north in the dark on Tuesday I opted for another night in the ‘Vic’


191211 009

with my compatriot from Sleat.

We had both talked about an early start, as the first ferry from Rubhbodach was just after 5:30 but I left it until 7:30 to get a breakfast inside me. I was awake at 5:00am but figured that the half bottle of red wine that I’d drunk the night before would need diluting with a ‘full Scottish’ so turned over 🙂 Funnily enough I met him in Lidl at Fort William three hours later 🙂

After spending well over £200 there, precious little of which was on alcohol, I headed for, and caught the 15:00 ferry to Raasay. Of course by the time I arrived at my beloved Arnish it was dark,

221211 001

but I wasted no time in getting reacquainted with my herd 🙂 The swineherd had just weaned Bramble’s three piglets and this was their first proper feed away from mum. The two ‘chunky’ boars on the left being destined for


this dude on Skye 🙂 The third one, on the right, a wee gilt would be staying on Raasay for finishing.


Despite being up at 5:30 not a great deal was achieved before daylight, the mountains of useless 5h1te that had poured through my letterbox (not that we actually have one) had to be dealt with and the stove had to be cleaned. At 7:30, with absolutely no sign of daylight I went back to bed, it was pure miserable outside and I needed some proper sleep 🙂

9:15 saw me arise and wifey had already fed the pigs so I set off out with Molly the ‘wee dug’ to do some work on my hydro turbine.

221211 003

The had sprung a leak from the spiral wound PVC pipe that I’d used to connect from the penstock to the turbine nozzles. At one time this 38mm hose from   would have been well up to the job of supplying 6 bar of pressure. However they have now started importing it from India or China and the stuff is cr4p, it’s the same price as the quality green stuff that you could buy from them two years ago but it’s pure 5hite 😦

221211 004

So, I replaced it with this stuff, rubber marine grade with stainless wire, 10 bar working pressure and tested to 30 bar stuff from that was reasonably priced and arrived very quickly 🙂

221211 005

That done the ‘wee dug’ Molly and I did some cable jointing, it was pishing with rain but the sad little dog would not stay at home in front of the nice warm stove. I suppose she was thinking that I’d abandon her again if she let me out of her sight 🙂

221211 006

That wee Jack Russell stuck to me like glue for the whole day, the rain and wind never ceased but Molly refused to stay inside 🙂

It’s hard to be ‘upbeat’

It’s hard to feel the usual smugness that I get when people connected to the grid are without power, we make our own  and have not been without it in 22 years 🙂 However as I type this much of Skye and the Western Isles are without power, not through fallen trees or landslides but through a tragic accident

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