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December 18, 2011

News from the croft

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Three hours ago at 19:30 I was ready for my bed, now at 22:39 I can’t sleep 😦 I did start a post several hours ago but ran out of steam, mainly on account of not actually having taken any photographs. Which is a shame really because there’s been much progress on the good ship Loch Striven today, she’s looking pristine topsides, her engine room is ‘minted’ and lots of the wee glitches associated with a major refit on a 25 year old vessel have been ironed out. The bilge is clean the pumps working and the crew shattered 🙂

I really should have done some before and after pics but we were just to busy getting on with checking the hydraulics, running up the main engines, testing the pumps and cleaning up the mess, the never ending mess 😦 We’ve still got plenty to do before ‘sea trials’ but its ‘back is broken’ 🙂 Being a Sunday we knocked off early, though it was still dark and sauntered over to our hotel,  just a ‘stones throw’ from where the MV Loch Striven is berthed for an early dinner.

In safe hands

I may have been 200 miles away but work was still continuing on the croft, the swineherd was busy dealing with the pigs and the boys busy repairing pot holes. Jamie Lea has still not had piglets despite dropping milk a week ago and Rocky is feeling depressed 😦

I thought that our previous boar, Ginger was unique in the porcine world in suffering from depression but it seems it’s quite common 🙂 Poor Rocky has been moping about for over a couple of weeks now since we turfed the last of his girlfriends out on the hill. To be honest if it was up to me I’d put him out on the common grazing too with the rest of the herd but wifey doesn’t think it’s a good idea, after all he does weigh over 200Kg and has tusks :-)  He is of course a big gentle softie but I wouldn’t like to come between him and his dinner or be responsible for giving some tourist a heart attack, so on the croft he stays, for the time being at least.

As a sort of compromise wifey let all the other pigs onto the croft today so they could go and have a wee chat with Rocky and that seemed to cheer him up. After trying to hump them all then break into the feed store he seemed to have regained the ‘spring in his step’ so wifey locked him in once more and led the others out 🙂



Here he is in August last year with Ed and Eddy out on the hill, he’s about twice the size now.(so is the ‘wee dug 🙂 )


My son as usual had his pals up to stay, a great comfort to me here on Bute, as they’re all good lads that keep the swineherd on her toes 🙂 Seriously though it’s a great relief for me to know that the ‘Three amigos’ are there to help out when I’m away. I had left them a list of jobs to do but they finished those yesterday, what did they do today??? Did they sit in the house watching TV and playing on the Xbox???  Well probably they did, but not before clearing some drains on the Torran path and filling in some pot holes on our drive, what a team 🙂



How I miss them all 🙂

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