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December 4, 2011

The lovely Loch Alainn :-)

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The less said about what I did last night after a most excellent dinner the better 🙂 However, it was Saturday night and it would have been unsociable not to go out with the boys, so I did, reluctantly 🙂 Call me a miserable old f4rt if you like but I’m well past this wandering around pubs lark, at least that’s what I told myself 🙂

Back to dinner

I’d have been quite happy to sit at my hotel window looking outside and banging away on here typing rubbish, but the ‘boys’ were very persuasive 🙂

041211 001

So after settling down in front of a plate of mussels cooked in a creamy sauce that had me wishing I’d more of the lovely homemade bread to soak it up I awaited ‘the steak’. I could of course have asked for more of the choice baking but I wanted to leave plenty of room for the generously sized bit of dead cow that would be shortly heading my way 🙂

041211 002

I was not disappointed with my rare ‘rib eye’ and peppercorn sauce which just had to be eaten very slowly to savour every last morsel.

That demolished and leaving nothing more than a polished plate with some paprika drizzled around the edges we all headed out for the nightlife of Rothesay 🙂 Only, after one pint of Stella and three halves of cider in three different bars the two older members of the party went to their beds 🙂 Our purser was made of much sterner stuff so we left him on the dance floor practicing  his moves in the Esplanade hotel 🙂

Sunday brought with it a sore head that I shifted with some Ibuprofen and a shower, strolling over the road afterwards to the Loch Striven.

041211 005

She was lying peacefully opposite the MV Coruisk that had been covering for MV Argyll whilst she was in for refit. Once I’d collected a few things it off to to join the MV Loch Alainn lying on one of their slips.

031211 026

031211 027 Built for a route that she only served for a few weeks due to berthing problems this 400 ton vessel  was the main carrier to Largs for ten years before ending up on the increasingly popular Barra, Eriskay crossing.

She’s due out tomorrow to make room for us and there were a few jobs that still needed doing.

041211 007

Stowing the BA gear being one of them,

041211 009

filling the Cummins V12s with coolant being another

041211 010

and changing a few water pipes and valves being another.

It was our second day on the 40m long vessel as yesterday we’d spent much time cleaning out her bilges

031211 033

underneath a tangle of pipework 🙂

031211 028

Not the pleasantest of jobs but with ‘the purser’ for company and the knowledge that our own new ferry would by of similar layout it was quite enjoyable 🙂

Whilst our own new hybrid ferry is likely to be completely different in the engine room,

image  image

the chances are that much of the other systems will be similar so it was good to get acquainted.

Another fine craft

Normally the Loch Striven would have been sat by the Loch Alainn in the shed next door at Ardmaleish but with the delay caused by weather that particular berth was taken by another.

031211 025

The almost finished fish farm landing craft Clare Anne was lying in that shed 🙂 Built here on the Clyde by their selves this fine and sturdy 15m long landing craft with it’s 32ton capability was just receiving the finishing touches.

031211 031

The first of a two vessel order from this one staying on the Clyde and the second one destined for Skye.

031211 030

There was more, but it’s well after my bed time now so I’ll just leave you with the MV Bute and MV Argyle parked outside my hotel window.

041211 015

MV Bute

041211 016

and MV Argyle

041211 017

back at Rothesay for her first day on the route since dry dock.

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