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November 19, 2011

A tale of two Lister’s :-)

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This is going to be pretty dull I’m afraid, I’ve never actually stopped moving this last two days, apart from when sleeping but I’ve precious little to show for it 😦

Friday was pretty miserable on the weather front but that was just fine by me for I spent most of it in Portree. Or at least travelling to and from the capital of Skye, for it’s the best part of a two hour journey by road and ferry from Arnish and I didn’t get home until well after 17:00 despite catching the 15:00 ferry. Leaving at just after 9:00am to drop the ‘wee dug’ off at Jessie’s we drove past the welcome sight of a busy Raasay House, work at last appears to have started in earnest 🙂

181111 001

I hate leaving the croft at the best of times but it had to be done for the sake of keeping the pigs fed, my accountant happy and of course to visit our architect. The latter being the only bit of the day that I was looking forward to 🙂 The final plans were ready for submission for the building warrant so we had to check them over and our SAP calculation was ready.

 SAP calc_0002

The ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ or SAP is something that is required (and costs) for any new house and as far is we are concerned is just another level of bureaucracy and expense. I’m sure that in the majority of cases it’s important but we’d set out to build a ‘low energy’ house in the first place so I was peeved at having to pay someone to tell me what I already knew.


  I copied this from

A SAP rating is the technical calculation that is required in order to produce a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA) and an On Construction Energy Performance Certificate (OCEPC) both of which are reports that abstract information from the supporting SAP calculation.

A SAP calculation is simply a home energy rating that seeks to calculate a score between 1 to 100+ for the annual energy cost due to

  • the built structure of the home

  • its heating and hot water system

  • internal lighting

  • any renewable technologies used in the home.

The higher the number the lower the fuel running costs, with 100 representing zero energy cost. Dwellings with a rating in excess of 100 are net exporters of energy.

In simple terms SAP calculations allow comparison of the energy running costs of dwellings anywhere in  the United Kingdom, in a similar manner to the well-known comparison of fuel economy in cars expressed in miles per gallon. This is achieved because the calculations are predominantly location independent and are based upon a notional standard occupancy that overcomes variations associated with physical location and the differing ways in which people utilise their homes.

And I have to say that I was well chuffed when our architect told us he’d never seen a rating so high 🙂 104 for energy efficiency and 105 for environmental impact. It almost made me glad we’d been forced into having it done 🙂 Not only that but it is a conservative estimate and does not take into account an extra wind turbine that we plan to install 🙂

Portree was pretty quiet and after an excellent lunch at the ‘The Cafe’ in Wentworth street I abandoned wifey in favour of the harbour and oil depot.

181111 003

Pretty much the whole of the ‘Kings port’ fishing fleet were tied up, the glassy calm of the harbour giving no clue to the half gale that was raging in the sound.

After giving my accountant a heart attack by getting my books in before he reminded me  I headed for the 15:00 ferry. Not in the ‘Old Girl’ for I left her with wifey to finish the Christmas shopping, I got a lift to Sconser with Calum Don. Who I was to assist in loading up my mates pickup with pipe and cable.


181111 004

Not that I’m particularly obliging but because the 800m of SWA cable and two of the 6m x 300mm pipes were for me 🙂

Even though I was on Raasay for 15:20 I had to wait for wifey and the boy to arrive on the 16:15 from Sconser for my lift home. Though before heading north I’d to pick up my trailer that was loaded with 800lts of heating oil for

 181111 008

Arriving home at 17:30 I fed the pigs, filled up Cyril with fresh oil and fired him up 🙂 Of course he started with barely any effort and I loaded him up with heaters, lights and battery chargers to help dry the paint I’d put on the floor the night before.

181111 006 

The 12v battery bank was looking decidedly poorly at 9.88v 😦 It’s very sudden demise from over 12v to below 10v indicating that at least one of the two large lead acid batteries was terminally ill 😦


A couple of hours of Cyril running pumped some life into it via a 30amp charger but by the morning it was dead again, despite a good breeze of wind through the night. 


The first job today, after the usual round of feeding was to head south for the 800m of cable and two drainage pipes for the barn and new house.

181111 009

Having a mate with a 13ton digger beats the cr4p out of struggling with 200kg rolls of wire 🙂

181111 010

And having another mate who just happened to leave his trailer with me helps for transporting it 🙂 And if you’re reading this Dave, Shona is doing fine and seems to have been well shagged by Rocky 🙂 (that’ll be the Morgan’s spiced rum talking) 🙂

181111 011

What I’d planned for the rest of the day was to start hauling coal and kerosene over to the ‘Old Schoolhouse’ at Torran but sudden interest in Twinny the ST2 from my good mate of ‘Loggit’ fame Simon persuaded me to get him ready for sale. If didn’t want him then at least he was on a pallet ready for eBay 🙂

181111 013

Something that would have taken me a couple of hours to do when I was 30 took me all afternoon to do at 55 :-(  It took me the best part of two hours just to drill the holes and bolt him solidly to the pallet, then of course there was all the messing about with the fuel tank and exhaust. Still, I’ve got really attached to this old Lister over the years, it’s never let me down and powered some amazing ‘all nighters’ up here at the north end 🙂


Here’s CalMac’s very own Phil Salvadori at my 50th,

50th 009

I have no idea who these two ‘space cadets’ are,

50th 013

or these,

50th 023

or these, but they were amazing nights and Twinny chugged away through them all, a fine complement to the 4, 4 techno of which I’m so fond 🙂 Or at least was partial to in a previous life 🙂

By the time that the old Lister ST2 was sorted it was almost dark and pig feeding time and once that was done wifey turned up with three boys 🙂 Chicken curry out of the way I put them to work 🙂

181111 018

What a team, I’d be lost without them 🙂 and that was after a day in Portree of them playing football, oh to be young again 🙂


  1. No substitute for youth.

    Comment by MW — November 20, 2011 @ 10:21 am

    • Morning MW, no substitute for ‘yoof’ right enough, I’m just lost without them 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — November 22, 2011 @ 6:17 am

  2. Such an awesome SAP rating that I’m green too

    Comment by Richard Barrett — November 20, 2011 @ 9:40 pm

    • Morning Richard, what was your SAP at ?? must have been pretty good with your GSHP and solar HW.

      Cheers, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — November 22, 2011 @ 6:23 am

  3. Cracked me up thinking about an old Lister engine powering a `rave`.The contrast between the old and the new 🙂 My Grandad used to power his machine shop with one and that was three workshops full of lathes,milling machines drills and shapers.As kids we used to sit on the bank above where the exhaust for the Lister emerged from the shop.The rhythmic chug of the exhaust could easily have been sampled to create some kind of `banging choon`.However the 70`s was too early for that and we had to put up with Space and `Magic fly`and Jean Michelle Jarre and`Oxygene` etc.I will now have to dig out the `Men behaving badly`episode when they attempt to go to a rave in the middle of nowhere 🙂



    Comment by Andy — November 21, 2011 @ 9:48 pm

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