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November 1, 2011

Shona’s back :-)

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This is unlikely to be a very long effort tonight, already it’s 20:40, so that’ll be twenty minutes to ten by my clock and I’ve been up since ‘stupid o clock’ 😦 The good thing about that being that I actually did my VAT return and it’s only one day late, well it would be if I actually put a stamp on it and post it 🙂

It’s been a pretty good day with a few nasty showers but they were short lived and bearable with most of them happening when I was undercover 🙂 After the VAT return, some pig cleaning and a spot of breakfast I headed over to Tarbert to start construction of a frame to support my Powerspout which should look something like this 🙂



Actually I’m hoping it will look a sight better than that 🙂

I’d found a relatively accessible spot to mount it, relative being the word, it may have been easier to get to than my first  location but it was a very steep hill to carry tools up and down on your own. How I wish I’d have got this done when the boys were here on Sunday 🙂

 011111 005

The spot I’d chosen was a little hollow that would provide some shelter for the turbine from the salt spray but finding places to fit the uprights proved a bit of a challenge.

 011111 008

Though not as much as walking up and down the hill with the wood and tools 🙂

011111 009

By 11:00am I’d made good progress, with three posts firmly in the ground and two cross pieces tied into the rock.

Shona’s due a service 🙂

Leaving that for a while I headed back up the hill for more wood and an appointment with Shona, or at least Dave and Sarah her new owners. Well not so new as they bought her off us some months ago as an ‘in pig sow’ and boy was she in pig, producing EIGHTEEN piglets!!! on their croft in Staffin . The piglets had been weaned just three weeks ago and she’d be coming on heat again at the weekend so they brought her over early to get her re acquainted with Rocky.

011111 010

You’d think that she’d never been away from the place, and pretty soon her and Rocky were doing lots of grunting with Rocky following her everywhere whilst foaming at the mouth 🙂 She’ll show no interest in his advances until she comes on heat, but when she does she’d break down fences to get to him, I speak from experience 🙂

After a spot of lunch and seeing Dave and Sarah wave goodbye to Shona for a few weeks it was back down the hill again to my Powerspout stand 🙂

011111 019

I have to say that I was well pleased with the result, whilst the Powerspout is designed to operate outside I do plan to fit some shelter over it but that will have to wait until next ‘rest week’ 🙂

A tight squeeze

It’s been a busy old day at the north end traffic wise and working near the cattle grid I’ve seen a few people baulk at the diversion around it. It was designed for sheep and cows, certainly not cars and trucks!!

011111 013

I wonder how long it will take them to fix it??

011111 014

More road works

011111 022

Not just Hugh Mackay on my road

011111 020

but Paul Camilli on ‘Calum’s road’ 🙂

011111 021

Amazing invention the spade, well so long as you’re trained in it’s safe use, have the appropriate certificate to operate it, fill in your risk assessment and wear a ‘knock me doon’ jacket 🙂 It will also fit quite comfortably into a 6m long pick up truck 🙂

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