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October 2, 2011

Assembling the ‘PowerSpout’

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I’d love to wax lyrical about the beautiful day and all that happened but it’s already way past 22:00 and I’m whacked, we’re all whacked. The boys are in bed ready for an early start and school and I won’t be far behind them.

No peace at all for me this morning as one of them was up before me and the others not far behind, so wasted no time, fed the pigs, had breakfast and set off over the sun kissed heather to Loch Beag and our trench.

021011 003

I know it’s just a hole in the ground but the work my team and I have put into this makes me very proud of it and them. They’ve all worked lie Trojans and it’s been hard going.

021011 008

It’s a very a hard rock a long way from anywhere and they’ve not complained once 🙂

021011 009

Not even the ‘Wee dug’ 😦

Better than Christmas

A couple of hours at that ‘carry on’ was enough and we returned home for lunch and to start assembling the new hydro turbine that had just arrived yesterday. The PowerSpout is basically a ‘Fisher and Paykle’ ‘Smart drive’ washing machine motor with a pelton wheel stuck on the end of it. But Michael Lawley of has put twenty years of effort into producing a fine, cheap and durable water turbine from this innovative ‘direct drive’ washing machine motor. My only gripe being that it does not come with a friggin manual and you have to download one PS-install-manual-Feb-2011.pdf and you all know what my views are on that 🙂 Seriously though, many people buying a turbine will be ‘off grid’ which quite often means ‘off internet’ and certainly ‘off broadband’ so why not supply a friggin manual ???? Anyway, there are also a series of excellent videos featuring production manager Ken Kowalchuk on YouTube which the boys and I watched before assembly in the sun 🙂

021011 001

Here’s the bearing and shaft going into the casing

021011 012

and here they are torquing up the pelton runner prior to fitting the stator.


021011 016

We did do much more but it’s 23:00 now and time for bed so I’ll just leave you with ‘Calum’s road’, Brothers point on the horizon.

021011 017

And no comments about the wonky horizon please, I was driving the quad at the time 🙂

021011 020

This magnificent stag at a place that has something to do with ‘The men of Oscaig’ and their gathering but I’ll need to speak to ‘Bonk’ for the Gaelic 🙂

11 points

Aint he something else 🙂

021011 021

He was probably lying down after dealing with his harem 🙂

021011 023

Though there was a young ‘upstart’ nearby to challenge him 🙂


  1. molly’s soulful gaze is just crying out for one of these.

    Comment by jeannette — October 3, 2011 @ 3:40 am

    • Very fetching Jeannette 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — October 3, 2011 @ 12:23 pm

  2. If you’re “off broadband” then Youtube videos are a bit of a challenge as well, I find …

    Comment by Neil King — October 3, 2011 @ 11:42 am

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