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September 15, 2011


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Five thirty am on Thursday, it’s as ‘black as the fire back’ outside and I’m raring to meet the day. It’s been a good few weeks since I’ve been ready to assault the day with such vim but light easterlies, blazing sunshine and some great news have put a much needed ‘spring in my step’. Or should I say evened up the permanent limp that I have through aching joints, bad back and athletes foot 🙂

We have at last received full planning permission for our new house 🙂 It’s been almost a two year battle that we’d not have won without our architect Archie MacDonald, so all we have to do now is rob a bank 🙂


The final day at work was the usual rush of finishing off the weeks tasks and buttoning up the paperwork, but an ailing memory prevents me from remembering the finer details.

130911 003

There was a new visitor to these waters, or at least one I’ve not seen before, in shape of the Inverness registered clam diving boat Donna Marie.

130911 008

Pity she wasn’t here a week ago before the clam dredger from Annan ploughed up the sea bed. Still there are places in the narrows where not even the most diligent of dredgers can scrape and sometimes you do get piles of scallops at the end of a tow when the heavy chain bags are full.


It really is a most brutal fishing method that leaves destruction in its wake


everyone has to make a living but this indiscriminate harrowing of the sea bed should be banned, at least in inshore waters.


It was good to see the council preparing early for the approaching winter

 130911 007

by taking the gritter away for its annual service. Though I dread to think what the Arnish road will be like after that’s been up and down it once or twice. They’ve done precious little work on it since to repair last winters damage 😦


My first day off work did not go as planned for I received the news at 5:30am that we’d got our planning permission 🙂 Of course I’d been checking the website daily, well at least when it wasn’t ‘down’ and it had sat there for weeks ‘pending decision’. I even checked it Wednesday at 21:00, still ‘pending decision’ so I was overjoyed to get Archie’s email, though a little dismayed to here that it had been approved on the 2nd of September!!! and would still be a secret had he not phoned them 😦

130911 011

After dragging my son out of bed at 6:45 I took him south to school as the moon set over the Hill of the hind at Tarbert

130911 012

and the sun rose at Brochel.

130911 014

After returning home I went to do some work on my penstock that had stopped flowing, replacing those two short lengths of blue pipe that were leaking and drawing in air.


130911 015

Or so I thought, the problem was further down the line in the form of a burst joint,


130911 016


luckily I had spare, and more suitable one.

Anyway it’s 6:30 now and time to once more get the zombie up for school 😦


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