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September 9, 2011

On a ‘short fuse’ :-(

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Apologies for being slack on the posting front of late, it’s not that nothing has happened, or indeed that I’ve been too tired, though I have. The reason I’ve not sat down and put it all on paper so to speak is that I’ve been afraid of going ‘off on one’. I am to put it mildly raging, the household is in turmoil and we’re all on a pretty short fuse thanks to the inaction of our local authority. My son is like a zombie, I’ve come out in a rash and I’m finding it difficult to communicate to anyone without bursting into a long tirade of expletives about our local education authority. Five weeks on and our son is still being subjected to three hours of commuting a day because of their refusal to grant him a permanent place at the school hostel in Portree.

Well I say ‘daily’ but he’s only been to school twice this week as he’s been too tired 😦 Anyway that’s all I’m going to say on the matter before I explode. It’s a full moon on Monday so heaven help anyone from Highland Region who crosses my path around then if it’s not been resolved 🙂

070911 003

They may end up like this van that I came across on Tuesday on the way to a course in Portree 🙂 A casualty of the first ‘good blow’ of the autumn 😦


The first full day at work saw me burying myself in the engine room cleaning the bilge and engine room floor plates with the power washer.

 070911 009

A hot, mindless and dirty job that helped remove some of my venom 🙂

070911 005

The day flew by, a combination of much traffic as building started in earnest at school park and my labours in the bowels of the ship.

070911 006

Though I managed to get ashore for half an hour at lunchtime for a little fresh air and peace 🙂

070911 004

The day ending at 19:15 with our little visitor the pied wagtail who meets us every evening to check for crumbs on the car deck and around the mess room. I’m sure this little chap followed us from the old pier, though it’s taken him a while to find us, he only returned a couple of weeks ago after a years absence.


 080911 001

Setting off for work at 6:30 I took the ‘high road’ for a change, I had the ‘beetle man’ on board and he wanted to check his traps at Henderson’s bridge. The ‘beetle man’ has been visiting Arnish twice a year for as long as I can remember in his obsessive quest for Raasay beetles. He’s well over a thousand different species recorded now and will soon be publishing a book, so watch this space 🙂


080911 004

Once more I spent the day down below, or at least the part of it when I wasn’t directing traffic or driving the boat, for today was even busier than yesterday. More traffic for the School Park houses and a smattering of tourists brought out by the sun.

080911 006

The sea was quite busy too with Raasay house busy instructing


080911 012

and the Celeste busy ‘reflecting’ 🙂


080911 015

More of that here as it’s 6:15 and I have to go to work shortly.

A Solway Firth clam dredger was busy trying to put the lights off on Raasay by dragging his heavy gear over the recently surveyed and clearly marked power cable.

 080911 019

That’s the yellow marker on the shore and it’s on all the charts 😦

Both the coastguard and myself called him on the VHF but he took little notice, replying that he’d been doing it for fifteen years, well that’s OK then, at least SSE now know where to send the bill 🙂

080911 018

Concrete arrived for the founds of the houses and now I’m off to work, with a little luck the wife will be able to rouse our son for school shortly and he can make it into school for a third day 😦


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