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August 2, 2011

Jack’s back :-)

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Now this is going to be a seriously lame effort tonight guys, already the time is 21:30 and I’m not long in. The working week is done, it’s Belladrum this weekend and I’ve things to do 🙂


As usual the ‘Highland’s best fest’ sold out months ago and we’re just raring to go, the line up, as usual is fantastic but my favourite act don’t even get a mention on the poster 😦 They are however playing the newly announced  Fat Sam’s ‘Jock the Reaper’ combine harvester tent on Friday night. Which is where I’ll be, giving it plenty to their unique ‘Celt tech’, ‘Bodrahn bass’ and ‘Quantum tribal’ carry on 🙂


What can I say 🙂 I was there 🙂


I know, I’m slacking but I think that I left you on Sunday morning, anyway after that I headed south for work in unusually heavy traffic.

020811 005

However, unlike the tourists these locals used the passing place 🙂

Once at work on the good ship Loch Striven I did the usual switching over of systems that we run ‘week about’

020811 006

starting with ‘starboard, number 2, forward generator’ that had been lying dormant all week.

020811 008

The ‘port sea suction’ was shut off and the starboard one opened up

020811 009

and the hydraulic pumps switched over.

020811 007

The ‘Fenner couplings’ were checked and then the other 25 year old lady in my life was fired up 🙂

The day was busy enough with plenty of traffic and a ‘man overboard’, well it was actually a boy, well buoy 🙂 and it was only a drill.


A nice enough day on the ferry was followed by an excellent ‘Eddy roast’ and an old friend round for dinner, hence no activity on the blog.

020811 010

The drive down to work saw a young snipe or woodcock wandering down the road 🙂

020811 012

Arriving at our lovely harbour to find that the sea cadet training ship ‘Jack Petchey’ was berthed ahead of us. This fine fibre glass craft built by Bridgend Boat Company with money donated by London east end business man .

020811 014

Whilst we got on with the task of ferrying people to and from Raasay, Raasay house got on with what they do best 🙂


Yet again I was in my bed before 22:00 on Monday so no posting, but Tuesday saw me up early on a fine and sunny morning.

020811 016

Rubh na Leichie, Hallaig and Ben na Calliach looked magnificent from the hill above Brochel, which probably has some unpronounceable Gaelic name that I’ve not been taught yet 🙂

020811 017

The island of Longay, some three miles east of Scalpay looked far closer than normal,

020811 018

the ‘Loch of the road’ just north of Ballachuirn was even calmer than the smooth sea,

020811 019

a lone yacht passed below Ben Tianavaig

020811 020

and Glamaig greeted the morning sun 🙂

dolphin 0208

The last day at work was the usual rush but we did have a treat of more dolphins 🙂

dolphin 0208 2



  1. Beautiful pictures as ever Paul, the one of Glamaig was particularly stunning. I know you’re a busy man but you’re blog is always worth waiting for. Thanks for continuing to share it with us and please keep it going (it keeps me sane….ish ;-)).


    Comment by Rich — August 3, 2011 @ 12:07 am

    • Morning Rich,

      I filled some diving cylinders the other day, so who knows I may even get wet shortly, one of them had not been filled since 2007 😦

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — August 3, 2011 @ 5:34 am

      • I look forward to reading about it Paul, i only wish i could join you for a quick dip and a bag of scallops!

        Comment by Rich — August 3, 2011 @ 3:59 pm

      • Don’t worry about it Rich, you’ll be the first to know 🙂

        Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — August 4, 2011 @ 6:55 pm

  2. Never been a fan of week about on running hours. As if you have a common fault that appears at lets say 5000 hours then both generators reach 5000hours within a week and your stuffed.
    I prefer 2 weeks on one and then 1 week on the other so all major overhauls are staggered

    Comment by thinfourth — August 3, 2011 @ 5:22 am

    • Morning Thinfourth,

      that does indeed seem to make good sense, for, as you say much machinery does indeed share common faults. Our problem is that all major work is carried out at the annual overhaul and not on board so I suppose its running time has to coincide with that. The other thing being, as we’re not ‘deep sea’ i suppose we’re never far from a garage 🙂

      Good to see that your still paying attention 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — August 3, 2011 @ 5:32 am

  3. have a great weekend, Paul, hope the weather’s good for you

    Comment by carina — August 3, 2011 @ 9:31 pm

    • Weather looking good and caravan ready Carina 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — August 4, 2011 @ 6:56 pm

  4. Enjoy Tartan Heart. I’m playing with the Southwell Collective Friday at midday in the Venus Fly Trap tent. Live music to 1929 Fall of the house of Usher film! Hope it stops raining by then!! Think I was wise to book a night in a B&B whilst the rest of my band have to sleep in a tent after they get wet putting it up …. : )
    Sarah from no. 23 inverarish terrace

    Comment by Sarah — August 4, 2011 @ 4:23 pm

    • I’ll make a point of being there Sarah 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — August 4, 2011 @ 7:19 pm

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