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June 17, 2011

Who was it ????

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Well you’d almost think that it was summer here today, it didn’t start off very promising and I believe there was even rain in Portree but here on Raasay it turned out peachy 🙂 Leaving for work a little later than usual after a spell of tinkering around with my Porta Potti (don’t ask) I came across my pal the young stag down near the old fish farm slip at the bottom of the first steep hill leaving Arnish.


160611 003

I think this narrow little gully with it’s little stone ruins is called Camasnagaul but don’t quote me on that I’ve only ever heard it spoken and never seen it written down.

As ever it was a fine, enjoyable commute to work and having heard that timber operations had moved towards Henderson’s bridge I drove south via the youth hostel road.

160611 005

This was a forest yesterday, these chaps do not hang around 🙂

A good ‘equalization’

Work was far busier than yesterday with a steady flow of tourists, cars, commercials and more contractors looking at both Raasay house and the new houses at School Park. Well when I say new houses I mean new house site just between the village hall and the new doctors surgery.

160611 009

Quite what the already overburdened car park at Sconser is going to look like when work actually starts on these projects is anybody’s guess.

160611 006 160611 008

Thirty five cars with only four of then actually waiting for the ferry 😦 and that’s without two or three kayakers vehicles abandoned there for a couple of days whilst they paddle round Raasay 🙂

The mornings task onboard the good ship Loch Striven was to check all of the ships five battery banks and give the ‘emergency batteries’ a good boost.

160611 010

This 24v 670Ah bank powers the radar, alarms, and emergency lighting and like any FLA (flooded lead acid) battery benefits from being ‘EQ’ charged every once in a while. An EQ being an equalization charge to stir up any stratified electrolyte by giving the plates a good gassing. Basically that means over charging it for a few hours every month 🙂

There is a program on my inverter charger at home to do this automatically but with the frequent wind and rain we’ve had so far this summer It’s seldom been required 🙂

 160611 011

This is the VHF radio radio battery bank with its new Trojan 245Ah ‘deep cycle’ batteries, it will be interesting to see how these compare with the previous cells.

A BIG ‘thank you’

Lunch time soon came around and I headed up to the primary school to watch the official opening of ‘Lachie’s shelter’ 🙂

160611 012

No, that’s not it, that’s a new house that he and Angus are working on 🙂

160611 013

I say ‘Lachie’s shelter’ but it is of course the playground shelter in the primary school that he Angus and Hooky built as a replacement for the one that the council condemned in October 2009 😦

 151009 060

This shelter had stood in the playground for sixty years at least judging by the pupils that were now in there seventies and eighties who remember using it. OK it needed a little remedial work but not the demolition that some over zealous council official ordered.

The speed of which the demolition took place after the ‘Clerk of works’ inspected it was unbelievable, I only wish the council would repair the roads as quick 🙂 Of course there enthusiasm to see it destroyed was not matched by any money to replace it so the children suffered a winter without it whilst the council dithered.

You really do have to spend a winter on the west coast to appreciate how important a shelter like this is to the children but the council eventually deemed it unnecessary 😦 So it was left to the Parent council, pupils, school, community  to raise funds for a new one, something that would have not been possible had it not been for Joan MacKay’s enthusiasm and drive for the project 🙂

Over the next year they managed to raise over £2000 through various events from duck races to ‘soup and pudding’ events. Enough to buy the materials but not enough to erect a shelter to the rigorous standards required for a school playground.

 150611 001

Enter Lachie Gillies, who after spending the last two years away from his native Staffin building walls, houses, toilets and a waiting room to be proud of on Raasay offered to build it FOC. In his own words he wanted to put something back into the community that had kept him busy for so long (or words to that effect 🙂 )

160611 015

And it’s 6:15am now and I’ve got to rush 😦

160611 016

The grand opening was well attended and after a short speech by Donnie Oliphant

 160611 018

Lachie cut the ribbon

160611 019

and was presented with a big thank you card by the pupils.

That’s it, I’ve gotta go and I’ve not even got around to explaining what the title of the post is all about 😦



  1. I assume it was dr. johnson who turns up at Glam every 16th june after getting lost on his way down from Duncaan all those years ago. All the best to the Arnishers, Mr.Major

    Comment by anoldtractorinasmallwood — June 17, 2011 @ 7:22 am

    • Hello Mr Major, do you know who it was 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — June 19, 2011 @ 12:00 pm

  2. i love these community events. thank you.

    Comment by jeannette — June 19, 2011 @ 6:33 pm

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