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June 13, 2011

A nice deep bath :-)

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Well, Sundays sunshine didn’t last that long, but it did dry out the odd swamps that had appeared after Saturdays rain, that had plagued Example’s performance. It’s all a little fuzzy right now because I’m back home and worn out, but from what I remember we all trudged down to the arena through a sea of rubbish, dried mud and ‘happy people’ to go and check out some more of the acts.

120611 001

Whilst we checked out the bands the drug squads dogs checked out the tents 🙂


120611 002

This being David Barbarossa in the Sub Club tent,

120611 004

those pesky Russian trucks get everywhere 🙂

120611 005

We did the obligatory shopping for the extortionate ‘official merchandise’ or in other words the £20 Tee shirt made in Bangladesh for 50 pence 🙂

Next stop was the main stage and Boxer Rebellion

120611 008

120611 012

An excellent four piece indy band from the four corners of the earth, who, unlike other ‘rock stars’ were not disappearing up their own backsides with self importance 🙂




It’s not ‘rocket science’

Now I’m no expert ‘festival goer’ and I could not organise a birthday party for the wife, let alone an event of this magnitude, but one thing that has always puzzled me is this. Whether it’s ‘T in the park’, Creamfields, or our very own RockNess, many of the acts appear in a MEGGA huge blue tent. This blue tent with a capacity of several thousand has sides on it and doors where they inevitably have to have security on to let people in and out when the tent gets full. It’s dark colour absorbs the heat and the lack of air circulation often becomes oppressive, causes people to feint and ensures that many fans either miss their favourite artist or have to enter this gloomy Turkish bath half an hour before they come on.

It’s happened to me several times and really pi55ed me off, why don’t they just leave the friggin sides off the tent, less security, less crowd barriers, less heat, less friggin mud, more air, more enjoyment and more fans seeing their favourite artists 🙂

 120611 013

Well, it took them five years but at least the organizers of RockNess have at last sussed it 🙂

120611 014

Anyway we went into the ‘GoldenVoice’ tent to check out Beardyman and his ‘beatboxing’ skills, and whilst he was very good, I could never take anyone who wears trousers like that seriously. I mean what is the point of wearing your trousers so low down that you trip up when you walk??? OK, you want to show off your Calvin Klein’s but do you really need to have your crotch around your knees to do so  🙂

Passing half a century some years ago meant that I had to go back to the old Thomson for a wee rest, not to mention glass of rum before returning for the evenings highlights.

120611 018

And probably disappointing for many, my Sunday highlight was a 48 year old DJ and producer, Andy Weatherall at the Arcadia Afterburner. I last saw Andy about ten years ago at ‘Clubzone’ in Dingwall, my boy was in nappies and wifey just told me to ‘go for it’ as we couldn’t find a baby sitter.


120611 020

And I have no recollection of this photograph whatsoever 😦

120611 019

or these two ??????

120611 024

or these three 😦

120611 026 120611 028

All too soon Andy handed over to Jamie Carter, signed a few autographs and was gone, me I wandered over to the ‘GoldenVoice’ tent to check out

120611 031

where I met yet another ‘new pal’ 🙂

120611 030

and his girlfriend 🙂

By this time wife and child had decided to join me so we went to check out the ‘Cuban Brother’s’ who were putting on a show in the ‘Rock and Roll Circus’ tent. Sadly I just could not stand the pace and went home to my bed missing both them and Paulo Nutini 😦

and I’ll finish this tomorrow 🙂



  1. Hi Paul, Looks like you had a good weekend. I know what you mean about the bleeding tents/arenas. Drives me nuts at festivals. I go to some big ones in USA and they have learned to remove the sides a long time ago. Makes for a much better night, especially in humid, warm North Carolina in early summer, and everyone can see the action, if nothing else!

    Comment by Iain — June 13, 2011 @ 10:17 pm

  2. What !! you missed Paolo Nutini, no report, no video drat.

    Comment by politescouser — June 14, 2011 @ 6:19 am

    • Morning Walter,

      just couldn’t keep up the pace, wifey went but could not get anywhere near for the crowd 😦

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — June 15, 2011 @ 4:58 am

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