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June 11, 2011

Bit of a mess :-)

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Well we made it, the first festival of the season is well under way and we’re basking in the morning sunshine with a gazzilion other people at Rockness | Home. We’ve got ‘minimal techno’ blaring out to the east and Mumford and son to the west, the boy is playing cards, wifey has just made breakfast and your truly has just finished his first vodka and orange 🙂 OK, I know the sun is not ‘over the yard arm’ yet but this is the first chance this year to ‘let my hair down’ (not that I’ve actually got much) 🙂

We left the old croft at ‘the end of the road’ yesterday just after 9:00am giving us almost an hour to negotiate the eleven miles of diabolical roads to the ferry. The croft and pigs in the safe hands of wifey’s parents and the eleven year old boy skiving off school. Irresponsible, perhaps but our boy will be leaving home shortly  for life in the hostel at Portree, pretty soon he’ll not be wanting to hang around with his mum and dad so we’re going to make the most of it 🙂

100611 003

As we headed off for a weekend of madness, Raasay’s very own trawler, Lustre headed off to work.

100611 001

As was usual we took the sensible route to Dores via general Wades military road up the east side of Loch Ness thus avoiding all the traffic. I am truly amazed that  people have lost the ability to read maps and now place their trust in ‘prat navs’ and silly signs telling them to go this way or that. We had a beautiful run in, a picnic at Loch Tarf

100611 005

fed the ducks and saw about six cars 🙂

100611 006

We pitched up around 14:00 and poured a glass of rum to level up the caravan 🙂 there’s nothing better than a glass full of rum to check if the caravan is on an even keel 🙂


A pish line up

I can’t say that I’m impressed with this years line up at ‘the Ness’ in fact I’d go as far to say as it’s the worst line up I’ve ever seen here. Wifey and I have been coming to Dores since Norman Cooke aka Fat Boy Slim first had a party here in 2006 and every year we’ve been ‘blown away’ by the selection of artists. The first year it was only one day yet they managed to put on half a dozen top class acts from my CD collection, Caged Baby, Slam, Carl Cox, Stanton Warriors, Mylo, Audio bully’s, Xpress two and many more. 2007 saw the amazing Chemical Brothers, Groove Armada, 20 20 sound system, Daft Punk, Caged Baby, Soulwax, Alabama 3 and Charlatans. 2008 brought another amazing set of artists including Underworld,  Soulwax, Digitalism, Mylo, The View, the return of Fat Boy Slim and many more. The 2009 and 2010 line ups were equally amazing with 2009 seeing the return of the mighty Orbital to the festival  circuit and both the Prodigy and Basement Jaxx headlining the main stage. 2010 will be indelibly etched in my mind as the first performance by Leftfield in Scotland for ten years, it also featured Pendulum, Blondie, Vitalic, Bloody Beatroots and the baron of techno himself Dave Clarke.

This year however sees only three artists in my collection, the Chemical’s, Funk d Void and Groove Armada, not only that but Groove Armada were not even live but doing a DJ set 😦 There’s nothing wrong with DJs but C’mon Groove Armada are awesome live so why have them playing records ????

Anyway, it may be a weeks wages for the tickets but we’re here and we’re going to enjoy it 🙂

100611 007

Not only were we here but our old friend the ZIL 131 was here 🙂 the Russians don’t build roads, they just build trucks that will go anywhere :-)


100611 008 100611

Luckily they’d only driven 40 miles, still it was probably 5 gallons of petrol 😦




Just check out the registration numbers of these two 🙂 must have been from the same batch.


100611 011

Anyway, once we’d parked, pitched, topped up and sorted out we headed down to the arena to check out the acts

100611 014

100611 018

Boom Monk Ben and DJ Yoda being the first.

100611 024

They were OK but we decided to go for a trip in the big wheel before it got too busy,


100611 027

you really can see a great deal from up here 🙂

100611 028 100611 030

Including the fish farm in Loch Ness where I did many diving jobs in a previous incarnation 🙂 usually in the winter 😦

100611 032

Anyway it’s 12:50 now and we’ve gotta go, yesterdays unexpected highlight had to be Radio 1’s very own Zane Lowe who ‘wowed’ both us and the crowd with a mash up of tunes old and new 🙂

 100611 038

After that we went to check out Groove Armada in the GoldenVoice tent but to be honest it was pretty pish 🙂 OK, the light show was awesome but at the end of the day it was just two guys playing records in a tent, not a patch on the band.



  1. Excellent work, love all the photos.

    Comment by Tony — June 11, 2011 @ 5:33 pm

  2. Hi Paul
    Lucky you didnt go via the A9, there was yet another big crash and people had a long wait. Do you know where the people on the Russian vehicle are from? I am sure it was the same vehicle that was on a campsite near Arisaig with me the week before last.

    Comment by Simon — June 11, 2011 @ 6:26 pm

  3. Hi Paul
    Glad you arrived safely. This is hello from Eyre on a lovely evening. The roads were manic so we avoided the A82 and went quietly via Connel Bridge until meeting slow things at Fort William and beyond.
    Enjoy Rockness

    Comment by Sue — June 11, 2011 @ 8:35 pm

  4. Hi Paul.Remember watching a Zil at a truck race some years ago.What a sight that was,two foot of flame shot out of the exhaust on every downshift.Best form of motorsport I have ever seen with elements of F1,rally,banger racing and touring cars rolled into one race.The straw bale chicane was bulldozed out of the way on lap one by the trucks, and by the end of race day the tarmac wearing course had been worn away on the inside of the track.Hope you get to hear some banging choons.

    Comment by Andy — June 11, 2011 @ 10:28 pm

  5. Good to see you and the family are having a well earned rest. Just one small point when levelling the van I find it best to put a glass of finest malt at the front and rear of the van, makes sure it is ballanced and thus aids the levelling experience, Of course being a Scotsman I do tend to find that it can take upwards of a bottle to get it right! hic!!! if you want to be really thorough you can also sit one on the dash of the car to make sure that remains level too, but don’t drive off after the levelling process!

    One of the drawbacks of my ill health is the doctor did say it was good for me to have a glass of malt when I go to bed. Perhaps the reason why I now make a point of only sleeping for 20 mins at a time before getting up and gettingback into bed! Can’t beat doctors orders lol.

    Have a greattime and keep sending the pics!

    Comment by Graham T — June 12, 2011 @ 1:25 pm

    • Morning Graham,

      rest!!!! if only, it took me so long (and so much rum) to level up the caravan that I’ve only just recovered 🙂

      Cheers, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — June 15, 2011 @ 5:02 am

  6. David in Spain, other half of Jan,

    Hi Paul. Oh to be young again. In my day it was Lonnie Donegan, Jim Reeves, Roy Orbison and Neil Diamond not forgetting Dolly Parton.

    We might return to Skye and Uig with the Caravan in September for a few days. It is a long drive for my wife but she refuses to let me drive anymore!! Maybe we will see you then.


    Comment by David Hardisty — June 13, 2011 @ 8:59 am

    • Good morning and welcome David,

      gosh I’ve found it hard work towing a caravan to Inverness, how Jan does it all the way from Spain I’ll never know. Did you know that Lonnie Donegan had a house at Stein on Skye once 🙂

      Cheers, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — June 15, 2011 @ 4:56 am

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