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May 19, 2011

Finlaggan departs Gdansk

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At 21:00 after a long day at work I’m hardly going to be able to do this event justice but at some time during the late afternoon CMAL’s latest asset departed the Remontowa shipyard in Gdansk for Oban.



Though here’s a more up to date picture taken by Scott Ure, Cal Mac’s senior technical director shortly before she departed.



And rather than try and brush up on a subject that I’ve not really had time to follow I’ll direct you to one who has a much clearer understanding and interest 🙂

Back again 🙂

Anyway after that rather lame effort I’ll fill you in briefly on my day which started with a leisurely drive south to work admiring the wildlife.

 190511 001

Two fine stags with their freshly growing antlers covered in velvet watched me is I passed by at Tarbert.

190511 002

The top one who’s old antlers I found a few weeks ago in more or less the same place.

image image

Shortly after passing the stags the heavens opened and started pelting the Land Rover with hail !!! fortunately it didn’t last long and I spent a little while watching the lapwings at Glame.

190511 004

They were busy chasing off a couple of ‘hoodies’ and seem to be a little more sparse than in previous years, strange because they really seem to have been making a come back of late. All the birds seem to be doing well on Raasay of late, both the ground nesting birds like grouse and the predators like buzzards, kestrels and eagles so it seems strange to see only a couple of lapwings.


     190511 005

The fresh south westerly breeze providing some great sailing weather for the latest group of children to visit .

190511 006

The pictures not being great because my Panasonic is away for repair 😦 hardly surprising really as I did run over it with the quad some months ago 😦

190511 009

Just after 18:00 Magna Carta’s small cruise ship Lord of the Glen returned to our lovely new pier for the second time in a week.

190511 017

Here she is on the ‘AIS’

190511 016

along with the two Norwegian ‘well boats’ Roy Kristian and Ronja Pioneer.

 190511 019

Six AM now and I just had to get to my bed last night but here’s the weather just before I depart south on yet another very un May like day 😦


The normally driest and sunniest month of the year has been a bit of a disaster so far on the weather front and shows no sign of improvement.

graph 190511

You can ignore the actual figures because my rain gauge is rubbish but the green bars certainly give you and idea of how dry the normally showery April was compared to May.

rain 190511

Anyway that’s it I’m off to work.

The vanishing forest

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It’s 6:15 on Thursday morning and I’m just about to head for work, no effort yesterday due to an early night so I’m just going to bung the pictures on here and you can use your imagination 🙂

180511 001

They do actually repair the roads on Raasay, here’s the evidence 🙂

180511 002

Where did that forest go ??????????????

180511 003

Sunshine and showers was the order of the day 😦

180511 005

Though some had to earn a living 🙂


180511 006

Harvest Anne going south.

180511 008

Great weather for wind turbines and a pot of gold on the Jackal rock buoy.

180511 007

The wind and visibility were up and down all day 😦

 180511 011

As were the rainbows 🙂

180511 014

180511 012

More of this precious map later, I just stuck it on here then it wouldn’t get lost, at least now if my hard drive fails I won’t lose it 🙂

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