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January 27, 2011

Problem solved :-)

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This is only going to be a quickie, for yet again, but thankfully for the last time, I’ve been up to my armpits in Ginger 🙂 To say that today was ‘a pure peach of a day’ would be doing it an injustice, for it was better than that, much better. Right from the moment I got out of bed at 5:00am it was good, it was clear, sharp, calm and dry, so after a nice hot bath and an hour or so plonking away on here I headed south. Well, I did after clearing the ice off my windscreen for the second time this winter, or should I say after leaving my ‘Eberspacher’ diesel heater running for twenty minutes to do it for me 🙂

270111 004

And whilst I drove past an very dark but well illuminated Portree at 7:00am, an hour later as we left Raasay the moon was reflecting the suns glow on the Black Cuilins.

270111 006

It was far too good a day for messing about down below so I spent most of it ‘up top’ painting handrails,

270111 012

I hate painting handrails, but today I could not think of anything more pleasant to be doing on a fine day in January.

 270111 009

It also gave me chance to take pictures of all the traffic, though the days traffic was confined to Skretting’s fish farm supply ship MV Vermland. Here she is just passing the Penfold rock buoy with Ben Tianavaig in the background.


270111 010

You’ve got to laugh

I spent most of the day up there, apart from a spell investigating an oil leak on one of the Volvo TAMD 121C main engines that push our wee ship through the water at 8.5knots 🙂

270111 016 270111 017

The oil leak turned out to be nothing serious and was easily sorted so I returned to my painting, to be informed by the skipper, at around 14:45 that Portree lifeboat had been mobilized. The message on the VHF said ‘to recover two airmen who’d ejected’, well it could only be an RAF plane really.


The position given was

270111 019

the black arrow north west of Rubh Re, in around 100m of water.

So, what we have here is a gazillion pound aircraft from an airbase (Lossiemouth) soon to be scrapped ditching in the sea, the rescue of which is coordinated by a coastguard station (Stornoway) which may be scrapped and attended by an ETV which is almost certainly going to be axed by the present government 😦 So the loss of a multi million pound aircraft and its resulting pollution to a sensitive marine environment couldn’t possibly happen again, could it ????

  220111 006

Of course it couldn’t 🙂 in the last three months we’ve had a state of the art nuclear submarine aground off Skye, attended by an ETV, (many thanks to Calum Reid and the WHFP for that) a coaster almost aground on Rhum


and these frigging clowns in Whitehall want to get rid of both the ETV and Stornoway coastguard, I despair 😦

Back to Ginger 🙂

Anyway before I blow a fuse ranting about these clowns that bail out greedy wankers, sorry bankers yet won’t fund essential maritime services I’ll get back to Ginger and his hams

270111 021

and sausages 🙂

270111 022 270111 023

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