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January 22, 2011

Not a good night :-(

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Lightning quick, this one, it’s six AM and I’ve just had the worst night in a long while. It was a hard and emotional day yesterday so I went to bed at 9:00pm emotionally and physically drained as I’d a busy day ahead. Well I did have until awoken from a deep sleep at 21:57 to be asked to work today. Of course she had to ask me twice because the first time my sleep numbed brain didn’t catch what she said. Anyway that’s life it can’t be helped and when told of the circumstance I more than glad to do it.

This of course now leaves me wide awake with the adrenalin rush and my mind racing about how I’m going to get all done that was planned for today. Having formulated some kind of plan on how I’m going to deal with a bucket of blood, a half skinned boar, an architect and a prior appointment at .I finally drift off into a fitful and much needed sleep to be awoken by another adrenalin shot from the phone , I only answered the thing in the forlorn hope that it was someone from work telling me all was well and no need to turn in. No such luck, it was one who shall remain nameless phoning me with the essential information that the Scottish national theatre are doing a play about ‘Calum’s road’ based on Roger Hutchinson’s excellent book, a piece of information that could obviously not wait until today 🙂


So I’ll quickly recap on yesterdays events before going outside to finish skinning my boar 😦


210111 001

The first job after feeding was to replenish the depleted wood store but as I started cutting the well seasoned conifers under a tarpaulin by the wood store the Husqvarna 42 started cutting out. It seemed like fuel starvation and as I recently had the carburettor off I knew all was well in that department so turned my attention to the filter in the tank, suspecting a blockage there. It was not blocked but the pipe had split and it had come off. As this filter is also a one way valve that stops fuel flowing back into the tank it was quite obviously the problem, trimming the end of the rubber pipe with a knife then refitting it solved that and after na good few pulls to get the fuel through the saw fired up and performed brilliantly.

Of course this ate into my day a little but eventually wifey and I got back up the hill to get on with fencing.

 210111 003

Well, I say wifey and I but we did have a little extra help from Bee, Thelma and Louise 🙂

210111 006

In the early afternoon Ed and George arrived back at Arnish and were taken by their new owner to nearby butchers to be turned into all manner of delicacies over the next couple of days.

210111 002

And do not click on that image if you don’t like seeing dead things.

210111 008

The last ‘school run’ of the week followed a late lunch, normally I’d leave it to wifey but we were taking a couple of puppies down to show our friend at School Park 🙂

210111 013

Driving through the wood below the youth hostel road for the first time in a couple of weeks it looked quite different as the man formally known as the ‘Grumpy digger driver’ was busy clearing cut timber to make a turning place.

210111 012

As usual he gave me the traditional greeting 🙂

 Farewell to Ginger

Once back home we gave the pigs an early feed as I wanted to separate Ginger our Tamworth boar out from the rest of the herd and shoot him, but I’ll tell you all about that when I’m more composed, for now it’s after 7:00 and I’ve much to do before my unscheduled day at work. 

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